Gen.G Esports & Dplus Kia On Top and Undefeated

The second week of the LCK is upon us, and only two teams remain undefeated. We break down the top and bottom teams in the LCK.

The Korean League of Legends scene is back underway as the LCK started the 2nd week of regular season play on Wednesday. Even though the Summer Split is young, only two teams remain undefeated, as Gen.G Esports and Dplus Kia sit at the top of the LCK standings. With a large amount of the league sitting at 1-1, you can expect fireworks this week as teams try to separate themselves from the pack. 

Current LCK Standings

  1. Gen.G Esports (3-0)
  2. Dplus Kia (2-0)
  3. Kwangdong Freecs (2-1)
  4. Liiv SANDBOX (1-1)

NongShim REDFORCE (1-1)

T1 (1-1)

kt Rolster (1-1)

8. Hanwha Life Esports (1-2)

9. OKSavingsBank BRION (0-2)

10. DRX (0-3)

No Losses, No Problems

Gen.G Esports and Dplus Kia are the only undefeated teams remaining in the LCK. Dplus Kia started their season with a pair of 29 and half minute games in their 2-0 win over Liiv SANDBOX. On Sunday, they faced off against DRX in a match where they were able to take the first game in just under 22 minutes before losing the second game and battling out a 40+ minute slugfest, ultimately finding the win 2-1. 

The defending LCK champ Gen.G Esports returned to domestic play and lost their first game on the Rift to kt Rolster. They bounced back and won the second two games pulling out the match with a 2-1 win over Rolster. They then closed out Week 1 with a thrilling rematch of the last split’s final against T1. The match was everything fans could ask for, going all three matches, with Gen.G Esports sneaking out the 2-1 win. They kicked their Week 2 off with a 2-0 win over Kwangdong Freecs on Wednesday. 

Early Woes

Though sometimes are finding early success, that, of course, means some teams are already finding themselves in the hot seat, struggling to get anything going. DRX and OKSavingsBank BRION currently sit at the bottom of the LCK as the lone two teams unable to find a match win so far this split. 

OKSavingsBank BRION started out their season with hard fought 1-2 loss to NongShim REDFORCE. Though they won their first game, they just couldn’t overcome NongShim in either of the final two games of the match. Two days later, they suffered a brutal 0-2 loss to Kwangdong Freecs, who made easy work of the struggling squad. 

DRX sits at the bottom of the league, currently holding a 0-3 record. They opened up their season with a 0-2 loss against Kwangdong Freecs before battling with Dplus Kia before ultimately falling 1-2. They opened up Week 2 against Hanwha Life Esports, losing in a quick 0-2 match. There is still plenty of time left in the LCK Summer Split, but if DRX wants any chance of making playoffs, they’re going to have to play better League of Legends in the weeks to come. 

LCK Schedule and Betting Odds

All times listed are in Eastern Time. 

Thursday, June 15th

T1 (-1000) vs Liiv SANDBOX (+550) – 4 AM

Dplus Kia (-1600) vs OKSavingsBank BRION (+775) – 6:30 AM

Friday, June 16th

NongShim REDFORCE (+900) vs. Gen.G Esports (-2000) – 4 AM

DRX (+475) vs. kt Rolster (-800) – 6:30 AM 

Saturday, June 17th

Kwangdong Freecs vs. Hanwha Life Esports – 2 AM 

T1 vs OKSavingsBank BRION – 4:30 AM 

Sunday, June 18th

Liiv SANDBOX vs. kt Rolster – 2 AM

NongShim REDFORCE vs. Dplus Kia – 4:30 AM