Gen.G Esports Maintain Lead in LCK 

Gen.G Esports is the last undefeated team in the LCK, maintaining their lead over all the other Korean teams. We break down who is competing for 2nd place this week.

After two weeks of play in the 2023 LCK Summer Split, only Gen.G Esports remains undefeated in what has been one of the more competitive starts to a season in League of Legends history. With four games under everyone’s belts, we are starting to understand better where the teams stack up competitively. You won’t want to miss this upcoming week as teams attempt to claim sole possession of the 2nd spot in the standings. 

Current LCK Summer Standings

  1. Gen.G Esports (4-0)
  2. Dplus Kia (3-1)

T1 (3-1)

kt Rolster (3-1)

5. Hanwha Life Esports (2-2)

Kwangdong Freecs (2-2)

7. Liiv SANDBOX (1-3)

NongShim REDFORCE (1-3)

OKSavingsBank BRION (1-3)

10. DRX (0-4)

Gen.G Esports Perfect After Four

Gen.G Esports is at the top of the standings with the only perfect record in the league, currently sitting at 4-0. They’ve only dropped two games so far this season, showing that they can put teams away in 2-0 sweeps, stay calm under pressure, and perform in critical Game 3s. They’ve also performed against some of the best teams in the league having impressive wins over kt Rolster and T1 as well as win over Kwangdong Freecs and NongShim REDFORCE. 

The Tie For 2nd Place

Currently, there is a three-way tie for the 2nd place in the standings between Dplus Kia, T1, and kt Rolster, all currently sitting at 3-1. However, the tie will not be standing for long as all three teams are playing scheduled to clash with eachother this week in what should be some must-watch League of Legends

Dplus Kia is definitely viewed as the weakest of the three teams, with all of their matches being against the bottom four teams in the league currently. Their wins over Liiv SANDBOX, DRX, and NongShim REDFORCE are completely overshadowed by the fact that they lost to OKSavingsBank BRION as a team that is currently competing for a top spot shouldn’t be losing to winless teams. It would be a miracle for the team to perform as they have been and end the season as high as they are now. 

T1 and kt Rolster, on the other hand, have faced formidable opponents, and both look like they have the potential to make long runs at the top of the standings. So far, both teams’ sole loss is against the top-ranked Gen.G Esports, which isn’t too much of a glaring blemish on their records. T1 has stacked wins against Hanwha Life Esports, Liiv Sandbox, and OKSavingsBank BRION, while kt Rolster has taken down Hanwha Life Esports, DRX, and Liiv SANDBOX. These two teams face off on the 24th in what should be a fantastic series. 

LCK Summer Split Week 3 Schedule and Betting Odds

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Wednesday, June 21st

Liiv SANDBOX (-275) vs. OKSavingsBank BRION (+190) – 4 AM

T1 (-750) vs. Kwangdong Freecs (+450) – 6:30 AM

Thursday, June 22nd

Gen.G Esports (-2000) vs. DRX (+875) – 4 AM

kt Rolster (-115) vs. Dplus Kia (-110) – 6:30 AM

Friday, June 23rd

Kwangdong Freecs (-217) vs. NongShim REDFORCE (+168) – 4 AM

Hanwha Life Esports (-222) vs. Liiv SANDBOX (+171) – 6:30 AM

Saturday, June 24th

Dplus Kia (+154) vs. Gen.G Esports (-196) – 2 AM

T1 (-200) vs. kt Rolster (+158) – 4:30 AM 

Sunday, June 25th

NongShim REDFORCE (-112) vs. DRX (-112) – 2 AM

OKSavingsBank BRION (+290) vs. Hanwha Life Esports (-400) – 4:30 AM