Heroic Push Through And Secure BLAST Spring Final Title

Heroic Push Through And Secure BLAST Spring Final Title

Heroic secured BLAST Premier: Spring 2023 Finals title with a closely-fought victory over the reigning Major champions, Team Vitality.

Heroic finally broke the curse of choking in the latter stages of big events and won BLAST Premier: Spring 2023 Final title on Sunday, with a 2-1 victory over Team Vitality.

With that, the Danes finally broke the curse and secured their first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Big Event trophy, cementing their spot as the current no.2 team in the global CS:GO rankings.

Consistency Pays Off

On Sunday, Heroic won BLAST Premier Spring Final title with a 2-1 win over Team Vitality, marking their first Big Event title since they won BLAST Premier Fall Final in 2022. However, even though Heroic entered the tournament as one of the favorites, many doubted the Danes’ chances of coming out on top.

Heroic have been by far the most consistent CS:GO team of 2023, consistently performing well in all big events they’ve attended. They kicked off the year with a fourth-sixth place finish at BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2023, then added a silver medal from IEM Katowice and made the playoffs of ESL Pro League Season 17.

In April, Heroic won two more silver medals from BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: European RMR B and Intel Extreme Masters Rio 2023, before reaching the semifinals of BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 and Intel Extreme Masters Dallas 2023 ahead of BLAST Premier: Spring 2023 Finals.

So even though Heroic have not won a single trophy, they were always in the race to win it all, yet they always found a way to slip at the final hurdle.

So regardless of Heroic’s insane consistency, the Danes were known as “chokers,” a team that would do extremely well only to fall apart in the final stages of any tournament. But this time, things were different.

A Well-Deserved Victory

Heroic secured their long-overdue Big Event trophy on Sunday with a stellar 2-1 victory over Team Vitality, which started with a dominant 16-9 victory on Vertigo, Team Vitality’s map pick. However, things quickly turned sour for the Danes.

On their map pick, Mirage, Heroic couldn’t keep their momentum going and found themselves one round behind at half-time (7-8). They showed some life on the CT side and won the first two rounds before falling apart and allowing Team Vitality to run away with six consecutive rounds won.

Heroic found a response to reduce the gap to 10-14, but it was too late too little, as Vitality won the last two rounds to tie the series at 1-1.

With their backs against the wall, Heroic shifted into a higher gear on the decider (Inferno), where they found themselves in a similar spot than on Mirage early, but this time it was they who held an 8-7 lead before the switch.

Another thing changed; this time, Heroic didn’t let the foot off the gas and kept rolling on T-Side, winning the first three rounds to extend the lead to 11-7 before some back-ad fourth, which saw Vitality pick up two rounds (9-12) before the Frenchs squad ran out of steam.

Heroic took advantage of the situation and won the final four rounds to close out the series and lift the long-awaited Big Event trophy in front of thousands of fans in Washington, D.C.

Can Heroic Keep The Wind In Their Sails?

Heroic have finally proven that they can win big events, but there’s still a lot more the Danes have to show before they’ll overtake Vitality at the no.1 spot on the global CS:GO ladder. But we won’t have to wait long before they’ll get a chance to do just that.

Heroic’s next competitive endeavor starts on July 27 at IEM Cologne 2023, where they’ll fight for one of the most prestigious CS:GO trophies and the lion’s share of the $1 million prize pool.