Immortals Gaming Club Sues 9z Over Failed Payment Of meyern's Transfer Fee

Immortals Gaming Club Sues 9z Over Failed Payment Of meyern’s Transfer Fee

Immortals Gaming Club, the parent company of MiBR have filed a complaint to the Superior Court of California against 9z, alleging that the Argentinian esports organization have failed to pay the transfer fee of Ignacio “meyern” Meyer. The owed amount of money in question is $35,000.

9Z Fail to Pay $35,000

The documents filed by Immortals Gaming Club to the Superior Court of California indicate that 9z have failed to pay the agreed transfer fee of $35,000 for meyern. IGC claimed that the payment wasn’t provided in part nor in full, despite 9z’s claims that it would arrive.

According to reports, IGC have attempted to settle the issue outside of court. However, were unsuccessful in attending the promised payment over the course of multiple months.

As claimed by IGC, 9z failed to provide timely responses about the payment. What’s more, IGC were not provided with any updates on 9z’s effort to settle the payment, with the Argentinian esports organization often taking “weeks to reply.”

IGC have now decided to settle the matter in court, where they’ll seek unspecified damages. These include but are not limited to the owed transfer fee of $35,000.

While a relatively small amount of money, IGC’s Chief Operating Officer, Tomi Kovanen, has stated that their intentions don’t have much to do with what the organization is owned. But instead, to root out bad actors in the esports scene.

9z Could face Further Repercussions

Should the court rule in favor of IGC, 9z would not only have to pay the owed amount and the added damages. In addition, the Argentinian organization would likely face further sanctions from the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC).

Mariela Silvi, the public relations director at 9z has pointed out bank problems as the main reason for the organizations’ delayed payment. She further explained that the Central Bank of Argentina adopted new regulations, limiting bank transfers in dollars.

Silvi has added that the payment had been made on time and in the agreed matter. However, due to the new bank regulations, it was later agreed that 9z would make the owed payment “with certain characteristics.”.

Meyern Currently on A Loan

Meyern joined MiBR in December 2019 and remained with the team until May 2020, when he was moved to the bench. After spending a month on the sidelines, MiBR reached an agreement with 9z to sell the player in June 2020.

Shortly after joining 9z, meyern has helped the Argentinan CS:GO team win MSI Cono Sur League 2020 and La Liga Season 3: Sur Pro Division – Apertura. The 19-year-old continued with impressive performances leading 9z to Gamers Club Liga Profissional: July 2020 title and a runner-up finish at the Aorus League 2020 Season 3.

However, a streak of disappointing showings towards the end of the year lead 9z roster changes. Meyern got benched, and in his place, 9z signed Martin “rox” Molina, who joined the team in January 2021.

After spending the next three months on the bench, meyern got loaned out to Furious Gaming. They signed the deal with 9z to acquire their young CS:GO esports pro until the end of 2021.

Meyern has since been representing Furious Gaming, where he is averaging a 1.09 rating. Unfortunately, the team hadn’t achieved much outside of regional competitions, with their best result of the year coming in June, when Furious placed second at Aorus League 2021 Season 2.

Meyern will remain with Furious until the end of the year, but it’s unclear what the future holds in store for the 19-year-old. However, no matter how the dispute between 9z and IGC ends, meyern is expected to return to the Argentinian squad for the 2022 season.