Immortals Looking for Long-Term Success with New Roster

Immortals released a video teasing their new roster and explaining the process behind their roster building this offseason.

The League of Legends offseason is upon us as we patiently await all the changes coming to the game for both pros and casuals alike. On Wednesday, the 20th, Immortals released a video breaking down their roster-building philosophy and goals for the year while also officially announcing the full lineup for fans. Despite going out and signing 3 Koreans, Immortals is looking to find a foundation that they can build their League of Legends program from. Only time will tell if the team is making the right moves. You’ll be able to see the team in action when the LCS returns on both YouTube and Twitch next year.

The New Era

The League of Legends update that was uploaded to the Immortals YouTube page starts with the General Manager, James “Tonington” Kandel, introducing the new Head Coach for the team, Alexey “Sharkz” Taranda. Sharkz was viewed as the perfect candidate due to his vision for what he wants the team to be long-term while simultaneously bringing experience from his time in traditional sports as a high-level tennis player. 

Sharkz announced the new roster for next year, which consists of Cho “Castle” Hyeon-Seong, Jonathan “Armao” Armao, Lee “Mask” Sang-Hoon, Edward “Tactical” Ra, and Kim “Olleh” Joo-Sung. The hope is that this roster of younger talent will be able to rise together and start a new chapter in Immortals League of Legends. 

The New Squad

Immortals started by picking up Armao as their jungler. Armao has a little bit of LCS experience, and the Immortals staff believes that he has long been under-appreciated and is excited to bring him in and see what he can do to help the organization. After securing their jungler, the team started looking to secure a mid-laner that they believed would mesh well with Armao.

They found their new mid-laner, Mask, competing in the Prime League and EMEA Masters, controlling the mid-lane for fan favorites Unicorns of Love. Prior to spending his time with the Unicorns in Europe, Mask was competing in the LCK Challengers League with both kt Rolster and Hanwha Life Esports’ Challengers teams. Immortals hope that his time shot calling in the Korean challenger scene will help him as they put him on the biggest stage of his career yet. 

When looking to fill their other solo lane, Immortals decided to continue to look at the Korean Challenger scene to provide another import that they could put in the Top Lane. They would decide upon Castle, who has spent his entire career in the kt Rolster development system, spending time with both their Academy team and Challengers Team. They are hoping that the year that he and Mask spent together on kt Rolster’s Challenger team in 2022 pays off this upcoming season and that the two have chemistry from the get-go. 

To round out the roster and fill the bottom lane, the team is turning to some players with some LCS experience under their belts in Tactical and Olleh. Tactical has had stints with a few teams, including Team Liquid and the Team Solo Mid, before joining Immortals last year. He and Immortals had a horrible season last year, so he is hoping to help turn the ship around. He will have the help of fan-favorite support play Olleh, who returns to pro play after serving his mandatory military experience in Korea. He hopes to return to the international stage with Immortals as he did back in 2017.