Invictus Gaming Pulls Off Major Upset in LPL 

Invictus Gaming pulled off an upset shaking up the LPL playoff picture we break down all of the drama with one week left to play.

The League of Legends that has been played during the 2023 LPL Summer Split has been competitive, to say the least. Over the course of the past six weeks, Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank and Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club have been battling it out for the top spot in the standings after exceptional performances at MSI. Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club struck first in Week 3 when the two faced off, giving them the advantage of tie breakers come the end of the season if both teams found themselves in a tie for first. 

That all changed this past week when the lowly-ranked Invictus Gaming took down Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club. The loss took JDG Intel Esports Club out of a tie for first, giving Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank sole possession of first place in the standings. JDG Intel Esports Club now finds themselves rooting against Bilibili Gaming in hopes of a last-second chance to snag the top seed going into playoffs. 

Current LPL Summer Split Standings

  1. Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank (13-1)
  2. Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club (11-2)
  3. Suzhou LNG Esports (10-4)


5. Oh My God (8-5)

WeiboGaming FAW AUDI (8-5)


8. Xi’an Team WE (7-6)

Royal Never Give UP (7-6)

10. Shenzhen NINJAS IN PYJAMAS (7-7)


12. Ultra Prime (4-9)

13. RARE ATOM (4-10)

Invictus Gaming (4-10)

FunPlus Phoenix (4-10)

Anyone’s Legend (4-10)

17. LGD GAMING (2-12)

NiP and TTG are Battling for the Last Playoff Spot

Shenzhen NINJAS IN PYJAMAS and THUNDER TALK GAMING are the two teams going into this last week of Regular Season play with undecided futures. Both are vying for the 10th-place spot in the standings, which would give the holder the last seed in the postseason. Shenzhen NINJAS IN PYJAMAS has possession of the spot with a 7-7 spot and holds a comfortable two-game lead over THUNDER TALK GAMING. Will they be able to protect their spot with one last week of League of Legends to be played? You won’t want to miss it.  

LPL Summer Split Week 7 Schedule and Betting Odds

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Tuesday, July 11th

Ultra Prime (+750) vs. TOP ESPORS (-1429) – 3 AM

Anyone’s Legend (+324) vs. Oh My God (-455) – 5 AM

Xi’an Team WE (+667) vs. Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club (-1250) – 7 AM

Wednesday, July 12th

Suzhou LNG Esports (+422) vs. THUNDER TALK GAMING (+422) – 3 AM

FunPlus Phoenix (+152) vs. Shenzhen NINJAS IN PYJAMAS (-196) – 5 AM

Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank (-769) vs. Royal Never Give Up (+490) – 7 AM

Thursday, July 13th

Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club (-2500) vs. Rare Atom (+1050) – 3 AM

Invictus Gaming (+426) vs. WeiboGaming FAW AUDI (-625) – 5 AM

Oh My God (-115) vs. SHANGHAI EDWARD GAMING HYCAN (-110) – 7 AM

Friday, July 14th

LGD GAMING (+119) vs. Ultra Prime (-149) – 3 AM

Anyone’s Legend (+989) vs. TOP ESPORTS (-2500) – 5 AM

Royal Never Give Up (+183) vs. WeiboGaming FAW AUDI (-233) – 7 AM

Saturday, July 15th

Xi’an Team WE (-333) vs. FunPlus Phoenix (+252) – 3 AM 

Shenzhen NINJAS IN PYJAMAS (+376) vs. Suzhou LNG ESPORTS – 5 AM

Ultra Prime (-137) vs. Invictus Gaming (+108) – 7 AM

Sunday, July 16th

Xi’an Team WE (+474) vs. Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank (-769) – 3 AM

THUNDER TALK GAMING (+865) vs. Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club (-2000) – 5 AM

Rare Atom (+326) vs. Oh My God (-455) – 7 AM

Monday, July 17th

Royal Never Give UP (-909) vs. LGD GAMING (+564) – 5 AM

WeiboGaming FAW AUDI (-189) vs. SHANGHAI EDWARD GAMING HYCAN (+147) – 7 AM