Invictus Takes Early Lead in LPL 2023 Season

The early picture of the LPL is starting to form as Invictus Gaming takes an early lead in the standing but with plenty of contenders on their heels how long will the lead last?

The LPL is in full swing bringing fans of competitive League of Legends some of the best matches in the world. China’s LPL has been one of the world leaders in the world of League of Legends in the past couple of years, and this season sees the teams determined to have a better showing at Worlds this year after a disappointing Worlds 2022.

Current LPL Standings

With a larger sample size of games to work with, Invictus Gaming has jumped out to an early lead in the standing on the back of three impressive matches to take them to a perfect 3-0.  While LNG Esports, JDG Intel Esports Club, and Weibo Gaming are all still undefeated, each with a shot at taking the lead in the coming weeks. 

Meanwhile, Anyone’s Legend and Thunder Talk Gaming are both looking to get their first wins of the year as they sit at the bottom of the standings. Anyone’s Legend’s last two matches were close 2-1 losses, while Thunder Talk has yet to win a single game, a trend they hope to turn around this coming week. 


  1. Invictus Gaming (3-0)
  2. LNG Esports (2-0)

JDG Intel Esports Club (2-0)

4. Team WE (2-1)

Rare Atom (2-1)

Top Esports (2-1)

7. Weibo Gaming (1-0)

8. Edward Gaming Hycan (1-1)

Oh My God (1-1)

Bilibili Gaming (1-1)

11. Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN (1-2)

Ultra Prime (1-2)

Royal Never Give Up (1-2)

LGD Gaming (1-2)

FunPlus Phoenix (1-2)

16. Thunder Talk Gaming (0-2)

17. Anyone’s Legend (0-4)

Schedule and Betting Odds Feb. 4-10th

My match of the week is Rare Atom vs LNG Esports on February 5th. Rare Atom took a 2-0 loss to Top Esports a couple of days ago however are still near the top of the standings with a 2-1 record. If Rare Atom is able to find the win, it would be a statement to the whole Chinese League of Legends scene that their early success has not been a fluke. 

My second must-watch match of the week is Oh My God vs LNG Esports on February 8th. Both teams are slated to do well in this split, and the match should be competitive, as a win could help LNG Esports separate themselves from the pack. I expect this one to go all three games in a back-and-forth series. 

With matches every day, not all matches have odds yet. Check with your oddsmaker for updated odds for LPL League of Legends action. All times listed are in ET.

Feb 4.

Team WE (+130) vs Oh My God (-170) 2 AM

Invictus Gaming (-260) vs Thunder Talk Gaming (+193) 4 AM

BiliBili Gaming (+164) vs Weibo Gaming (-230) 6 AM

Feb 5.

Top Esports (-500) vs Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN (+325) 2 AM

Rare Atom (+160) vs LNG Esports (-210) 4 AM

Edward Gaming Hycan (-165) vs Royal Never Give Up (+125) 6 AM

Feb 6.

Weibo Gaming vs FunPlus Phoenix 4 AM

JDG Intel Esports Club vs Anyone’s Legend 6 AM

Feb 7.

LGD Gaming vs Invictus Gaming 4 AM

Ultra Prime vs Thunder Talk Gaming 6 AM

Feb 8.

Team WE vs Bilibili Gaming 4 AM

Oh My God vs LNG Esports 6 AM

Feb 9.

Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN vs Edward Gaming Hycan 4 AM

Royal Never Give Up vs JDG Intel Esports Club 6 AM

Feb 10.

Rare Atom vs Anyone’s Legend 4 AM

Ultra Prime vs Top Esports 6 AM