JDG Intel Esports Club Tumble in LPL Standings

JDG Intel Esports Club had a horrible week in the LPL. With the competition heating up will they be able to battle back into first place?

Last week, when we took a look at the LPL, JDG Intel Esports Club was sitting at the top of the Chinese League of Legends Pro League with a clean 4-0 record. However, in the days since, JDG dropped two matches which resulted in them tumbling down to 5th place in the standings. 

LNG Esports was able to maintain its spot at the top despite dropping its first series of the season to giant underdogs Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN. With last week proving that any team is capable of upsetting the top teams, you can expect some fierce competition this upcoming week. 

Current LPL Standings

Edward Gaming Hycan and Top Esports jumped in the standings over the past week. Capitalizing on the LNG and JDG’s losses Edward Gaming and Top Esports both had perfect weeks to boost them to a three-way tie with LNG Esports for first place in the League of Legends Pro League.

Invictus Gaming had a chance at being in the tie for first. However, they lost their series against Top Esports. As a result, Invictus Gaming is the sole owner of 4th place currently in the standings, and with a couple of weeks of strong play, they could easily find themselves competing for 1st. 

Rare Atom had an impressive 2-1 win over Oh My God boosting them to a 5th-place tie with JDG Intel Esports Club, who dropped their matches to Weibo Gaming and Edward Gaming Hycan. Though currently in 5th, these teams are a single win out from 1st place and could easily catch back up to the current front runners. 

Truly the season is still too early for anyone to feel comfortable. With this season having already proven that everyone can be beaten the only remaining question is what teams will be ready for when the opportunities present themselves. 

  1. Edward Gaming Hycan (5-1)

LNG Esports (5-1)

Top Esports (5-1)

4. Invictus Gaming (5-2)

5. Rare Atom (4-2)

JDG Intel Esports Club (4-2)

7. Thunder Talk Gaming (4-3)

8. Weibo Gaming (3-2)

9. Oh My God (3-3)

Bilibili Gaming (3-3)

11. Team WE (3-4)

Royal Never Give Up (3-4)

13. Ultra Prime (2-4)

14. Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN (2-5)

LGD Gaming (2-5)

16. FunPlus Phoenix (1-5)

17. Anyone’s Legend (0-7)

LPL Schedule and Betting Odds 2/18-2/24

There are plenty of great League of Legends matches scheduled for the next week. Of course, betting odds constantly change, so it’s a good idea to check in with your oddsmakers frequently to see any line movement that may be occurring. All times are listed in ET

Saturday, Feb. 18

JDG Intel Esports Club (-417) vs Invictus Gaming (+301) – 2 AM

Rare Atom (+183) vs Bilibili Gaming (-238) – 4 AM

Weibo Gaming (-909) vs Ultra Prime (-238) – 6 AM

Sunday, Feb. 19

LNG Esports (-455) vs FunPlus Phoenix (+320) – 2 AM

Anyone’s Legend (+296) vs Team WE (-400) – 4 AM

Edward Gaming Hycan (+131) vs Top Esports (-169) – 6 AM

Monday, Feb. 20

Ninjas in Pyjamas (+141) vs Thunder Talk Gaming (-182) – 4 AM

LGD Gaming (+417) vs Royal Never Give Up (-667) – 6 AM

Tuesday, Feb. 21

Oh My God (-256) vs Ultra Prime (+198) – 4 AM

Weibo Gaming (-182) vs Invictus Gaming (+142) – 6 AM

Wednesday, Feb 22.

JDG Intel Esports Club (-1111) vs FunPlus Phoenix (+623) – 4 AM

LNG Esports (-182) vs Bilibili Gaming (+142) – 6 AM

Friday, Feb. 24

Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN (-417) vs Anyone’s Legend (+303) – 4 AM

Team WE (-213) vs Rare Atom (+163) – 6 AM