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Jensen to Round Out FlyQuest’s Roster

Rumors are flying that Jensen is the next Mid Laner for FlyQuest. Will he be able to help the team turn it around?

The 2023 Competitive League of Legends Season isn’t over yet, with T1 and Weibo Gaming facing off in the Worlds Grand Finals on the 19th. Still, the LCS offseason has already begun, as FlyQuests has reportedly completed its roster for the 2024 LCS season. Sheep Esports first covered the news on Tuesday, November 14th. If rumors are true, FlyQuest’s roster next year will consist of Bwipo, Inspired, Jensen, Massu, and Busio. Although early, the roster news has some fans excited to see if Jensen and FlyQuest will be able to find success. 

Jensen’s History

Jensen is one of the most iconic players when talking about the beginning of the LCS. He took over as the starting Mid Laner for Cloud9 back in 2015 following Hai’s retirement. Back then, Jensen played under the name of Incarnati0n and had a known reputation as a toxic player on the European Servers who had been banned multiple times. The move was seen as a risk at the time, with many fans questioning the move and if he could genuinely “reform.” 

The risk would ultimately pay off, though admittedly not easily. 2015 would be a struggle for Cloud9 as they would finish in 7th place in the Summer Split. However, they’d be able to turn things around in time for the Regional Finals, which would see them run the gauntlet and take down 3 teams en route to a Worlds appearance. 

Jensen would continue to play with Cloud9 in the 2016 & 2017 seasons, in which they’d finish 2nd in two splits and win both seasons’ Regional Finals, making Worlds appearances both years. Though never able to find an LCS championship, they were consistently the LCS’s best-performing team on the international stage. 

In 2018, Jensen and Cloud9 would have the best performance at a League of Legends World Championship that any LCS team has ever had. The team would start the tournament in the Play-In stage with few expectations on them, and they would leave as a Top 4 team in the world, giving hope to North American fans that the LCS would be able to start being competitive on the international stage. 

Jensen would spend the 2019-2021 seasons with Team Liquid, who had built an impressive “super team” of all of LCS’s best talent in an attempt to continue North America’s international success. The team would find plenty of domestic success and even get 2nd place at MSI 2019, but they would fall short at Worlds throughout Jensen’s tenure, with the team consistently finishing in around 9th-12th. 

Jensen would return to Cloud9 in the Summer of 2022 and help the team find another LCS championship. They’d have an abysmal showing at Worlds 2022, ending the tournament in 15-16th. Jensen’s 2023 didn’t go great as he would join Team Dignitas for the season, who would finish the Spring Split in last place, before netting a 5th-6th in Summer. 

FlyQuest Looks Towards 2024

Jensen will join Bwipo, Inspired, Busio, and the rookie Massu. FlyQuest is hoping that the offseason roster blow-up will help a FlyQuest who started the 2023 competitive season really strong before crashing in the Summer. FlyQuest fans have had a disappointing time the past few years as the team has finished 5 of the past 6 Splits in the bottom half of the LCS Standings. There is plenty of reason to believe that this new roster will be able to turn the tides for the struggling franchise moving forward.