Rubens Barrichello

Juan Pablo Montoya and Rubens Barrichello invest in Millennial Esports

Former Formula 1 racing drivers Juan Pablo Montoya and Rubens Barrichello have been announced as the latest investors in Millennial Esports.

The investment will see both Montoya and Barrichello take on the ambassador and special advisor roles for Millennial Esports, which is the parent company of World’s Fastest Gamer. Montoya and Barrichello are the first two names appointed under the direction of new CEO Darren Cox.

“I followed Darren Cox’s previous success in the esports racing world with GT Academy. I race online all the time and see the size and passion of the community. I also know the appetite for sponsors to get involved in esports racing, but there are not many credible opportunities. I looked at Millennial Esports’ current and future projects and felt that this was a turning point for the industry, and I wanted to be fully involved.” commented, Rubens Barrichello.

Millennial Esports recently launched the second season of World’s Fastest Gamer, which provides the winner with a full season of GT racing in 2020. Montoya will act as judge for World’s Fastest Gamer Season Two alongside the inaugural winner, Rudy van Buren.

“I have raced online for many years and recently took a role as a judge for Millennial Esports’ ‘World’s Fastest Gamer’ competition,” said, Juan Pablo Montoya “I saw the strength of the team behind it and decided that I should be more involved. Esports racing is enjoying a huge rise in interest through programmes such as World’s Fastest Gamer, F1 Esports, and NASCAR’s esports competitions. Up until now, there was not a simple way to invest in the space; Millennial Esports has opened up that opportunity.”

Juan Pablo Montoya and Rubens Barrichello now join the ever-growing list of sports stars who have invested into esports. Basketball players Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala invested into esports organisation TSM and Micheal Jordan joined as an investor of Xiomatic Gaming, which owns esports organisation Team Liquid.