KEEMSTAR to host weekly Realm Royale tournament

Realm Royale is starting to gain quite a strong player base, with over 500,000 users following the Battle Royale game on Twitch. We recently published a bit of information about Realm Royale and how we see it’s impact on the Battle Royale format.

With this recent raise to fame, combined with a personal appreciation of the game, YouTuber Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem has released some vague information about his plans for an upcoming weekly Realm Royale tournament through his Twitter account.

You can view all upcoming Realm Royale matches and odds here.

Although not a lot of information has currently been announced, the inagural event will be next Saturday (July 14th, 2018) and will have a weekly $100,000 prize pool on the line. We have no doubt that the best teams and players will be competing in these weekly events to prove themselves and win their lion’s share of the prize pool.

KEEMSTAR currently runs another weekly tournament that takes place on a Friday for the game Fortnite, partnering with the tournament organizer UMG. The prize pool for this recurring tournament is $20,000, though this is due to restrictions put in place by EPIC Games. These weekly Fortnite tournaments have been extremely popular with players and streamers alike and Realm Royale will be no exception, hopfully acting as a proof on concept to put a structured Realm Royale league being put in place.