kt Rolster Climbing in LCK Standings

LCK is heating up. Can T1 continue to lead the Korean League or will Liiv or Gen.G be able to find the upset?

Another week of LCK action is in the books, and with it brought another exciting week of Korean League of Legends. kt Rolster had a phenomenal 2-0 week against Gen.G and Dplus Kia, which gave them a nice bump in the standings.

With each team having eight matches under the belt, we are starting to get a clear picture of where all the LCK teams are skill-wise. However, this is a league where any team can beat anyone on any day, lest we forget Hanwha Life’s upset over T1 two weeks ago. With all the excitement, how can you not tune into the LCK, which may be producing the best League of Legends in the world right now?

Current LCK Standings

Other than losing to kt Rolster last week, Gen.G and Dplus Kia both had decent weeks. Each finding wins in their other matches to at least make up the leads in the standings they may have lost. 

Gen.G was able to find a dominant 2-0 win over NongShim REDFORCE while Dplus KIA was able to handle Hanwha Life Esports 2-0 as well. Both teams will need to shake off the loss last week to kt Rolster as they are each matched up against one of the best teams in the league this upcoming week. 

  1. T1 (7-1)
  2. Gen.G (6-2)

Liiv SANDBOX (6-2)

4. Dplus Kia (5-3)

Kt Rolster (5-3)

6. Hanwha Life Esports (4-4)

7. BRION (3-5)

8. Kwangdong Freecs (2-6)

9. NongShim REDFORCE (1-7)

DRX (1-7)

LCK Schedule and Odds

My first game of the week is on Saturday between the Kwangdong Freecs and BRION. This match is between two of the bottom teams in the league, but I truly think both teams have tons of potential if they can get some momentum on their side. The last time these two met in January, BRION won in a close 2-1 series. All eyes will be on them to see if they can replicate their previous success.

The next match of the week for me is T1 vs Liiv SANDBOX. T1 has no easy week facing the two teams tied for the spot below them in the rankings. This will be a great week for T1 to show the dominance many including oddsmakers, expect over some of the top competition in Korean League of Legends

My final match of the week is between T1 and Gen.G. This match is between two of the top two teams in the LCK currently and should be absolute fireworks. Even though the oddsmakers don’t give Gen.G much of a chance, fans know that Chovy and company don’t view the matchup the same. 

Regardless of what matches, you watch, there is no such thing as a bad match of League of Legends in the LCK. 

All times are in ET.

Wednesday, Feb. 15

KT Rolster (-360) vs DRX (+245) – 3 AM

NongShim REDFORCE (+335) vs Hanwha Life Esports (-485) – 5:30 AM

Thursday, Feb. 16

BRION (+430) vs Dplus Kia (-700) – 3 AM

Kwangdong Freecs (+340) vs Gen.G (-485) – 5:30

Friday, Feb. 17

T1 (-417) vs Liiv SANDBOX (+308) – 3 AM

Hanwha Life (-256) vs DRX (+197) – 5:30 AM

Saturday, Feb. 18

Kwangdong Freecs (-123) vs BRION (-101) – 1 AM

NongShim REDFORCE (+373) vs kt Rolster (-556) – 3:30 AM

Sunday, Feb. 19

T1 (-303) vs Gen.G (+233) – 1 AM

Liiv SANDBOX (+227) vs Dplus Kia (-303) – 3:30 AM