KT Rolster’s Cuzz Tests Positive For COVID

League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) team KT Rolster announced that its player Mun "Cuzz" U-chan has tested positive for COVID.

League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) team KT Rolster announced that its player Mun “Cuzz” U-chan has tested positive for COVID. As a result, Cuzz will have to play in LCK 2022 Summer Week 5 matches remotely.

Cuzz Is Still Able To Play

KT Rolster revealed on Tuesday, July 12, that its jungler Cuzz has tested positive for COVID and will not be able to join the rest of the team in the LoL Park for the foreseeable future. Luckily, KT Rolster have not reported any other positive cases among its players and staff members.

But even though the jungler is not able to join the rest of the team at the South Korean LoL venue, he will be allowed to play games remotely. The new rule, which allows players to compete remotely, was implemented for the Summer Split and was not in place for the LCK 2022 Spring.

However, the rule which stated that remote play is not allowed was a huge hindrance for many LCK teams, mainly Fredit BRION and DRX, who struggled with COVID throughout the split. Although the teams were allowed to field replacement players, that wasn’t always the case, leading to some teams needing to forfeit their matches due to not fielding a complete roster.

Luckily, that is no longer the case. For the LCK 2022 Summer, players that test positive for COVID are still allowed to compete with the team remotely from the quarantine house. That was made possible due to the league’s added measures, namely the sound and video monitoring of the gaming house from where the infected players will play.

So even though Cuzz won’t be able to travel to LCK park, he will still be able to play in the upcoming LoL matches. However, it’s unclear when he’ll be able to return in person.

A Tough Week Ahead For KT Rolster

Cuzz’s illness is just another obstacle KT Rolster will have to overcome as they get ready for the rest of the season, which hasn’t been too kind to them thus far. After four weeks of play, KT Rolster have won just three series (3-5), which is far from optimal, but it keeps the team in the race for the playoffs.

KT Rolster kicked off the LCK 2022 Summer split with back-to-back losses against Gen.G and T1 before bouncing back with a 2-0 sweep of Fredit BRION. But things soon turned sour, as KT Rolster lost the next two against Liiv SANDBOX and DWG KIA, worsening their record to 1-4 two and half weeks into the new split.

Since then, KT Rolster have been slowly getting back on their feet, with a 2-0 sweep of Hanwha Life Esports and a closely-fought victory against Nongshim Red Force. In their most recent appearance, KT Rolster slipped against Kwangdong Freecs, who bested them 2-1 on Friday, leaving KT at a somewhat underwhelming 3-5 record.

With three wins to their name, KT Rolster currently sit in seventh place in the league, one win above Nongshim RedForce and a win below Kwangdong Freecs in sixth. Although things could definitely be much better for the team, there are still five more weeks before the regular season ends.

Onto Week 5 Of LCK 2022 Summer

Despite catching COVID, Cuzz will be able to help his side in LCK 2022 Summer Week 5 matches, which KT Rolster will need to win. On Thursday, July 14, KT will clash with DRX and play a rematch with Kwangdong Freecs on Saturday, July 16. If KT win both games, they’re all but guaranteed to climb up the ladder and secure the no.6 spot, assuming KDF don’t upset DWG KIA.

However, it’s unlikely for that to happen, knowing that KDF are also missing players due to COVID. As reported last week, KDF had three members test positive and will not be able to play with the rest of the team in person.