LCK Regional Finals to Kickoff on Friday

The 2023 LCK Summer Split Playoffs wrapped over the past weekend, which saw Gen.G Esports take down T1 in a clean 3-0 to find their 3rd consecutive LCK Championship.

As a result, Gen.G Esports will enter the League of Legends 2023 World Championships as the LCK’s top seed, with T1 taking the second seed.

Two LCK spots at Worlds remain unclaimed, with kt Rolster, Hanwha Life Esports, Dplus Kia, and DRX all hoping to claim one of them via the LCK Regional Finals.

You can watch the four teams battle it out on Twitch and YouTube starting on Friday.

Hanwha Life Esports vs. kt Rolster

  • When: Friday, August 25th – 4 AM
  • Odds: Hanwha Life Esports (+350) vs. kt Rolster (-600)

The opening match of the LCK Regional Finals will be between Hanwha Life Esports and kt Rolster. The winner of the match will get to play in front of the home fans in Seoul as the 3rd LCK seed at Worlds 2023. Both teams eagerly await this matchup, hoping to extend their 2023 season. The loser, however, won’t be eliminated from Worlds contention as they’ll face the winner of DRX vs. Dplus Kia.

kt Rolster enters this tournament highly motivated by their disappointing results in the LCK Summer Split Playoffs. They ended up finding themselves with a 3rd place result and watching the Grand Finals from home after ending the regular season 17-1 and entering the playoffs as the top seed.

kt Rolster would lose their first playoff match against T1 in a close 3-2 match. In The loser’s bracket, they were able to take down Hanwha Life Esports 3-0 before losing to T1 again 3-2, eliminating them from the tournament.

Hanwha Life Esports also had a pretty disappointing run in playoffs after securing the 3rd seed after ending the regular season 12-6. They won their opener against DRX in dominant fashion, taking down their opponents 3-0. Unluckily for them, they’d face the powerhouse that is Gen.G Esports, who took them down 3-0.

The Lower Bracket Semifinal saw them fall to kt Rolster 3-0 as well, ending their hopes of being LCK Champions. With their last meeting looming large over the team, you can expect Hanwha Life Esports to come out with plenty of motivation to get some revenge on a very important stage.

DRX vs. Dplus Kia

  • When: Saturday, August 26th – 2 AM
  • Odds: DRX (+475) vs. Dplus Kia (-900)

DRX is basically playing with house money at this point and will be throwing everything at the wall as they take on Dplus Kia in the first round of the Lower Bracket in the LCK Regional Finals. DRX ended the Summer Split Regular Season with a 6-12 record, having just enough wins to put them in the postseason, though they entered as the only team with a losing record.

They were immediately eliminated from the playoffs by Hanwha Life Esports, who dominated DRX 3-0. This is a team with nothing to lose so you can expect some pretty aggressive League of Legends from them.

Dplus Kia is licking their chops as they get to start off their Regional Finals run against one of the weakest teams in the LCK. They are entering this match as -900 favorites for good reasons. Dplus Kia ended the regular season 11-7, entering the playoffs as the 4th seed.

Though they were eliminated from the playoffs in the first round by T1 3-1, they still enter as a sizable favorite due to DRX’s lack of production this year. Who will keep their season alive? You won’t want to miss it when this match plays out.