LCK Summer Playoffs to Come to an Exciting End

Since early June, Korea’s best League of Legends teams have been competing in the LCK Summer Split, and a little over two months later, we are only two matches away from crowing the 2023 LCK Summer Split Champion.

After a long, tumultuous season, only three teams remain Gen.G Esports, kt Rolster, and perennial fan favorite T1. Will T1 be able to find their way to yet another LCK title?

Or will Gen.G Esports or kt Rolster be able to find themselves with the crown at the end? You can catch all the action on YouTube and Twitch.

Gen.G Esports is Waiting in Grand Finals

Gen.G Esports couldn’t have asked for a better Summer Split, as they are currently one match away from claiming the title of LCK Champions. They had a dominant Regular Season as they ended with a 16-2 record which would give them the 2nd seed going into playoffs.

The whole Gen.G Esports roster would be selected as the All-LCK Second Team, with their ADC Peyz also receiving Rookie of the Year honors.

Gen.G Esports’ playoffs run started with a 3-0 win over Hanwha Life Esports. They would end up meeting T1 in the Upper Bracket Final, where they’d find themselves in a tough 1-2 deficit early.

Luckily the bot lane duo of Delight and Peyz were able to carry Gen.G Esports through the final two must-win games to secure Gen. G’s spot in the Grand Finals on the 20th.


T1 has had an up-and-down season. Most of the drama around the team this split has been around the G.O.A.T of League of Legends, T1’s Midlaner Faker.

Faker was forced to be sidelined earlier in the regular season in early July after suffering an arm injury. He would be able to return to competition in the final week of the regular season, which was a much-welcomed readdition to the team as without Faker, the team had gone an embarrassing 1-7.

T1 would end the season with a 9-9 record, giving them the 5th seed in the playoffs. In the tournament’s opening round, T1 took down Dplus Kia in a dominant 3-1 match.

They’d face off against kt Rolster in a thrilling back-and-forth match in the Upper Bracket Semifinals. Ultimately T1’s Toplaner Zeus would be able to an all-time match performance carrying his team to victory in the 3-2 affair.

The Upper Bracket Final was another thrilling back-and-forth five-game match. Unfortunately for T1, they wouldn’t be on the winning side of that one sending them to Lower Bracket.

kt Rolster

kt Rolster finds themselves in a rematch with T1 in the Lower Bracket Finals for the opportunity to take on Gen.G Esports in the Grand Final. This isn’t where kt Rolster wanted to find themselves, especially after they ended the Summer Split Regular Season with only a single loss.

Their whole roster was elected to the All-LCK First Team, with Support Lehends winning Regular Season MVP honors.

However, when this super team entered the postseason, they immediately stumbled out of the gates. Their first match was a 2-3 loss that they suffered to T1, which sent them straight to the lower bracket.

They would bounce back in their match against Hanwha Life Esports, decimating them in a 3-0 match. They now have their eyes set on T1 once again in a match that fans hope is just as exciting as last week.