LCK Summer Split to Start its Opening Week

The LCK returns to regular season play as the 2023 Summer Split opening week is upon us. Despite having a strong showing at MSI, the results for the LCK teams were disappointing as the LPL dominated T1 and Gen.G Esports, leading to both of their exits from the tournament. 

With all of the Korean League of Legends action starting June 7-11th, we have you covered as we break down the frontrunners to take the whole thing. 

Team Futures to Win 2023 LCK Summer Split

  1. T1 (+105)
  2. Gen.G Esports (+210)
  3. kt Rolster (+650)
  4. Dplus KIA (+650)
  5. Hanwha Life Esports (+1000)
  6. Liiv Sandbox (+2500)
  7. Kwangdong Freecs (+10000)
  8. DRX (+20000)
  9. OKSavingsBank BRION (+20000)
  10. NongShim REDFORCE (+25000)

T1 will return to domestic play after having the best showing of any nonchinese team at the Mid-Season Invitational. Though they weren’t able to win the tournament, they were the closest to taking down the eventual MSI Champions JDG Intel Esports club from the LPL. They played an absolutely thrilling five-game series in which seemingly either team could’ve pulled it out. Expect Faker and company to be highly motivated to make improvements over the Summer Split so they can get their revenge at Worlds. 

Gen.G Esports has the second-best odds at winning the Summer Split despite the fact they did the improbable in the Spring Split Playoffs, taking down T1 in the Finals 3-1. Gen.G Esports didn’t have a horrible showing at MSI. They won their matches against G2 Esports and Cloud9 from the LEC and LCS, respectively. Though many agree with the oddsmakers that T1 is a clear favorite to win the split though it would shock no one if Gen.G is able to repeat as champs. 

kt Rolster had a pretty successful Spring Split despite not making it to the finals. They ended the regular season with a respectable 13-5 record that tied Gen.G Esports’ regular season record. Bdd is a solid midlaner that can keep kt Rolster in any game. It would shock no one to see them in the conversation for a Top 2 seed again. 

Dplus KIA shares the same odds of winning the split as kt Rolster. They ended the last split with a 12-6 record ending the regular season on a two-match losing streak that led to a first-round elimination in the postseason. This was a disappointing result for a roster that was star-studded with some of the biggest names in League of Legends with international superstars like Canyon, ShowMaker, and Deft. If this team can come out refreshed and keep it up all season, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see this team on the Worlds stage at the end of the year. 

LCK Week 1 Schedule

All times listed are in Eastern Time. Check with your oddsmakers for updated/currently unreleased odds. 

Wednesday, June 7th

kt Rolster (-190) vs. Hanwha Life Esports (+145) – 4 AM

Dplus KIA (-435) vs. Liiv SANDBOX (+290) – 6:30 AM

Thursday, June 8th 

Kwangdong Freecs (-182) vs. DRX (+135) – 4 AM

OKSavingsBank BRION (-220) vs. Nongshim REDFORCE (+165) – 6:30

Friday, June 9th

kt Rolster vs. Gen.G Esports – 4 AM

T1 vs Hanwha Life Esports – 6:30 AM

Saturday, June 10th

NongShim REDFORCE vs. Liiv SANDBOX – 2 AM

Kwangdong Freecs vs. OKSavingsBank BRION – 4:30 AM

Sunday, June 11th

Dplus Kia vs. DRX – 2 AM

T1 vs. Gen.G Esports – 4:30 AM