LCS Playoffs are to Begin Later this Week

The postseason for the LCS is about to begin. We break down last week’s action and the first matchups for playoffs.

Well, it took an extra three games of League of Legends, but the LCS finally has its official seeding for the 2023 Spring Split Playoffs. Over the past eight weeks, the best League of Legends teams that North America has to offer have been battling it out in hopes of becoming LCS champions. That dream ended for four teams last week as the top six teams participating in Playoffs were solidified. 

End of Season LCS Standings

At the end of the regular season, there was a tie for first place between Cloud9 and FlyQuest. FlyQuest had spent the majority of the season in first place as they were the team that went unbeaten the longest and had made themselves feel quite at home in first place. However, Cloud9 came surging through the standings in the later weeks of the season, being able to beat FlyQuest not just once but twice this past week which included the tiebreaker for first place. 

The other tie was a three-way tie for third place, which saw 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses, and Counter Logic Gaming compete to be seeded into the winner’s bracket instead of having to start the Playoffs in the loser’s bracket with Golden Guardians. After the dust settled, 100 Thieves ended the split in 3rd place, while Counter Logic Gaming secured the other spot in the winner’s bracket. Evil Geniuses awaits the loser of Cloud9 and Counter Logic Gaming in the losers bracket. 


  1. Cloud9 (15-4)
  2. FlyQuest (14-5)
  3. 100 Thieves (12-8)
  4. Counter Logic Gaming (10-9)

Evil Geniuses (10-9)

6. Golden Guardians (9-9)

7. Team SoloMid (8-10)

Team Liquid Honda (8-10)

9. Immortals Progressive (4-14)

10. Dignitas (3-15)

FlyQuest (-244) vs 100 Thieves (+177) – Thursday, March 23rd – 4:30 PM ET

FlyQuest vs 100 Thieves is a clash between the old guard of the LCS in a Bjergsen and Doublelift led 100 Thieves and the new style of roster creation in the import-heavy FlyQuest. For years Bjergsen and Doublelift were viewed as the LCS. After short absences from play for both, they reunited and have had an up-and-down Spring Split. They seemingly hit their stride in the last couple of weeks and hope to carry their momentum into the round of playoffs. 

FlyQuest spent a majority of the split as the hot team and has been forced to watch as the other teams in the LCS caught up in the past couple of weeks. If Vicla and Prince can play up to the level that they’ve shown they can play at 100 Thieves will have a lot on their hands. The winner will advance to the winner’s bracket, while the loser will be facing Golden Guardians in the loser’s bracket.

Cloud9 (-400) vs Counter Logic Gaming (+272) – Friday, March 24th – 4:30 ET

Counter Logic Gaming has spent the majority of its split as a middle-of-the-pack team. Many didn’t know how strong Counter Logic Gaming would be coming into the split after fielding a majority of the same roster from the year before, where results left much to be desired. Yet the rag-tag team of players have managed to find themselves in a Top 4 spot for playoffs. 
Cloud9 has been living up to the standards that people have when they think of Cloud9 League of Legends in the past couple of weeks. Cloud9 historically is like this, though. They allow themselves imperfections throughout the season so they can feel more well-rounded come the postseason and when it matters. Cloud9 looks as good as ever as they prepare for the first round of playoffs with no intentions of seeing Evil Geniuses in the loser’s bracket later.