League of Legends News Never Stops

This is one of the few times of the year in which there isn’t a massive League of Legends tournament taking place, but that will be changing soon. Even though teams aren’t currently battling it out for wins, teams continue to try to compete with another for the top players. 

Since this is one of the biggest esports leagues in the entire world, the news from this game never seems to stop. Here are three of the top stories that are currently around one of the most popular games in the world. 

Faker Voted Into LoL Hall of Legends

Riot Legends just recently announced the formation of League of Legends Hall of Fame, and it was a pretty obvious selection for the first inductee. “Faker” was announced as the first player ever selected to this honor, and he will always be one of the most legendary LoL players of all time. 

In fact, Faker is one of the players credited with making this sport so popular, and he was nearly invincible throughout his career. Faker just won his fourth world championship a year ago, and it was important for Riot Games to honor the legend with this huge award. 

The popular player from Korea met all of the criteria that was established as Riot Games wants to honor those that have made contributions to the sport. There was a panel of judges that decided who the first inductee would be, and there were reportedly close to 20 nominees that were considered. 

Faker not only has been the most dominant player in League of Legends, but he has become famous for his live streams of him playing this game. Others are going to join him in the Hall of Fame at some point, but it’s fitting that he got into the Hall first. 

Faker joined T1 Gaming back in 2013, and it wasn’t long before he was able to stake his clai as a clear legend in the sport. Not only has he won four world championships, but he has also guided T1 Gaming to 10 LCK titles. 

Jensen Joining New Team

The 2024 LCS Summer Split is coming soon, and it appears as if a superteam is being formed ahead of the action. Jensen is one of the top mid laners in the sport and he will be joining Dignitas for a chance to win this title. 

This news might have come as a shock to many as this will be the second stint with Dignitas for Jensen, but things will be much different this time around. He was the only star on the roster through 2023, but he will be joining a team that should be ready to win right away. 

Spica and Zven are on the roster now as well, and those are two other veterans that have had a ton of success in the LCS in the past. Jensen will be leaving FlyQuest in order to join his former team, and he is leaving to a bunch of failed tournament runs with that group. 

Zuna, Dead at 33

Not all of the most recent LoL news has been positive as there was some sad news to report over the weekend as well. One of the founding members of the NA League Championship Series has died at the age of 33. 

Chris “Zuna” Buechter dies of a sudden unexpected medical episode, and the news was shared on social media by his brother. Zuna has been out of competitive esports action since 2018, but he represented a number of teams throughout his career.