League of Legends Titles Handed Out

It has been a busy weekend in the world of League of Legends as a number of Spring Splits just wrapped up. Those Spring Splits are a chance for teams from different parts of the world to compete for a title and a spot at an international event later on in the year. 

Two of the most exciting events took place in the LEC and LCK and there were some great battles that took place in the finals. Both regions have some of the best League of Legends teams in the world, and there was a ton of excitement in each title match. 

Here is a look at each of the finals that were just recently played. 

G2 Wins Fourth Straight LEC

The EMEA Region has delivered some great teams over the last few years, and two of those teams met up in the finals at the LEC Spring Split. G2 Esports was able to get past Fnatic in the finals, and this was a matchup that many were expecting and hoping to see. 

This was the fourth straight title for G2 Esports and they are now going to be the betting favorites and top seed at the EMEA event. G2 Esports has also now won 14 league titles, and they are clearly the top team in this part of the world. 

Fnatic actually took a lead early in this match as they used some impressive strategy to win the first map of the finals. G2 Esports didn’t wait around long to respond though, and that’s what this team has been known for over the last few years. 

The live crowd was getting more and more excited as this final was winding down, and the fans of G2 Esports was ultimately rewarded with the win. This G2 Esports roster has been put together in an impressive fashion, but they now have Fnatic that is closing the gap hard. 

While winning the LEC Spring Split is a big step, both of these teams are now going to be focused on having success at the international level. 

Gen.G Also Claims 4-Peat

The LCK Spring Split final matchup was another highly-anticipated showdown as Gen.G was taking on T1 Esports. These two teams have become massive rivals over the last few years, and it was widely assumed that they would meet up in the championship. 

These two teams actually met up twice in group stage, and it was Gen.G that came away with impressive performances both times. T1 was hoping to get some revenge in this title, but it became clear that Gen.G was the better overall team. 

Despite getting off to a slow start, T1 was actually able to respond and battle back to even things up after two matches. That set the stage for a thrilling final battle, and that is when the top players from Gen.G decided to take complete control. 

With the win, Gen.G is going to be looking for more success on the international level, and they have a great chance to get that done. This team is loaded with talent, and a number of these players have had success before. 

New Viewership Record Set

Not only was there a great crowd in attendance at the LCK Spring Split, but this was also an event that many tuned in to see. The peak viewership number for this event got all the way up to 2.6 million people, and that is a new record for number of viewers. 

The previous record was just 1.5 million at the LCK Summer Split, and that shows just how much this league and sport has grown. At this rate, there could be another record set in the future, especially if Gen.G and T1 continue this rivalry.