LEC Proves to be Competitive With Everyteam Suffering a Loss

LEC Week 2 wrapped up. With just about every team looking competitive early on every game is can’t miss League.

The LEC is looking quite possibly the most competitive it ever has been as fans didn’t have to wait long for there to be no remaining undefeated teams left in the professional EMEA League of Legends league. With four teams a game out from first place in the standings the league is proving to be filled with plenty of talent which only fuels the dreams of international success this year. 

Current LEC Standings

Last week SK Gaming and Team BDS surged in the standings after both teams had 3-0 weeks against formidable opponents. Going into Week 3 both teams find themselves in the four-way tie for 2nd. However, SK Gaming has a win over Team Vitality meaning technically if they find themselves with a tied record and the end of the week SK Gaming will have the tiebreaker. 

SK Gaming’s win over the at-the-time undefeated Team Vitality was an absolute stomp that found SK Gaming destroying the Nexus in just over 31 minutes. Despite being down in drags 3-2, SK dominated the rest of the game out killing opponents 13-6, destroyed seven more turrets than Vitality, and was able to end off the back of their second baron of the game.  

With only four teams with losing records fans are being treated to some absolutely amazing League of Legends games with some high stakes. Any team could have a great week and overtake Team Vitality at the top of the standings meaning fans around the world will be glued to their screen to see how it all unfolds. 


  1. Team Vitality (5-1)
  2. SK Gaming (4-2)

MAD Lions (4-2)

Team BDS (4-2)

G2 Esports (4-2)

6. Team Heretics (3-3)

7. KOI (2-4)

Fnatic (2-4)

9. Astralis (1-5)


LEC Week 3 Schedule and Odds

Teams will be looking to separate from the pack this week so you can expect some great high level League of Legends action. My top match of the week start with G2 Esports vs Team BDS on the first day of games. Team BDS had a 3-0 week last week and though two of their opponents were in the bottom half of the league their win over MAD Lions was more impressive and we will get to see what this team is really made of against the likes of G2.

At the end of the day if you’re watching LEC you can’t go wrong. Each day has at least two really exciting matchups that should satisfy fans. (All times listed are in ET.)

Saturday, Feb. 4

Astralis (+200) vs SK Gaming (-278) 12 PM

Excel Esports (+106) vs Team Heretics (-143) 1 PM

G2 Esports (-312) vs Team BDS (+220) 2 PM

Fnatic (-102) vs MAD Lions (-130) 3 PM

KOI (+174) vs Team Vitality (-233) 4 PM

Sunday, Feb. 5

SK Gaming (-222) vs EXCEL Esports (+162) 12 PM

Team BDS (+222) vs Team Vitality (-312) 1 PM

Team Heretics (+185) vs MAD Lions (-256) 2 PM

Astralis (+214) vs Fnatic (-294) 3 PM

G2 Esports (-222) vs KOI (+162) 4 PM

Monday, Feb. 6

Team BDS (-147) vs Team Heretics (+110) 12 PM

KOI (-323) vs Astralis (+231) 1 PM

SK Gaming (+102) vs Fnatic (-137) 2 PM

MAD Lions (+160) vs G2 Esports (-213) 3 PMTeam Vitality (-417) vs EXCEL Esports (+281) 4 PM