Long-Time Fan Favorites TSM, C9, and CLG Sit on the Top

The LCS has started, and long-time favorites are at the top of the league, surprising many.

Though we are early on in the 2023 LCS season, TSM, Cloud9, and CLG sit at the top of the LCS, joined by FlyQuest, all with a perfect 2-0 record. This is somewhat surprising given the fact that many don’t have high expectations for TSM or CLG, as both teams have been in decline over the past few years. 

However, long-time North American Pro League of Legends fans can tell you of the early seasons of the LCS when these were the top three teams fighting for the crown. The LCS can only help this will bring back older fans who may return to see their favorite teams compete to stay at the top of the standings as viewership for the North American League of Legends league has started to decline. 

Current State of the League

Cloud9 started off with dominant games over 100 Thieves and Golden Guardians to get their season started off with a bang. Cloud9 has consistently been one of the best teams in the North American League of Legends league since joining, and this year appears to be no different. The team currently has a team K/D of 42/12 and is out-scoring opponents in dragons 6-1 in a great early showing for Cloud9.

 TSM started their year against Immortals Progressive in what was a calculated win as TSM would take all four drags and outkilling their opponents 12-2 despite Immortals being close in turret count. Their next match against Team liquid Honda was a 40-minute slugfest, with both teams racking up 15+ kills. However, TSM was able to get two barons, which would bring them to 2-0. 

CLG’s first game of the season was a smash against Dignitas. CLG would end the game with around a 12K gold advantage after having destroyed 11 of Dignitas’ turrets while only giving up 3. The next day CLG shocked the world, winning a 44-minute game against Evil Geniuses that saw the Geniuses ultimately end the game with more kills and yet still coming up short. CLG would end the game outscoring EG in barons 2-1 in what was ultimately the difference maker.

FlyQuest, despite not having the same history as the undefeated teams, definitely looked like the most complete team of the LCS. Using near-perfect macro strategy and communication to outclass both Dignitas and Team Liquid Honda. FlyQuest controlled the jungle, outscoring opponents in major jungle objectives 10-1. If FlyQuest just continues to look this good as they build upon this foundation, North American fans should be excited for international play as they may be sending their best team ever this year. 

LCS Standings

  1. TSM (2-0)

Cloud9 (2-0)

CLG (2-0)

FlyQuest (2-0)

5. Evil Geniuses (1-1)

100 Thieves (1-1)

7. Immortals Progressive (0-2)

Dignitas (0-2)

Team Liquid Honda (0-2)

Golden Guardians (0-2)

LCS Week 2 Schedule and Betting Odds

All times listed are in ET.

Thursday, Feb. 2

CLG (+162) vs Cloud9 (-210) 5 PM

FlyQuest (-600) vs Golden Guardians (+355) 6 PM

Dignitas (+134) vs 100 Thieves (-176) 7 PM

Immortals Progressive (+235) vs Team Liquid Honda (-325) 8 PM

TSM (+178) vs Evil Geniuses (-240) 9 PM

Friday, Feb. 3

FlyQuest (-150) vs Cloud9 (+113) 5 PM

Dignitas (+148) vs Evil Geniuses (-200) 6 PM

TSM (+148) vs 100 Thieves (-200) 7 PM

Team Liquid Honda (-350) vs Golden Guardians (+250) 8 PMImmortals Progressive (+178) vs CLG (-240) 9 PM