Los Angeles Thieves Sign Pentagrxm to CDL Roster

Los Angeles Thieves Sign Pentagrxm to CDL Roster

Los Angeles Thieves have expanded its Call of Duty League roster on Tuesday, January 18, with the addition of Nathaniel "Pentagrxm" Thomas.

Los Angeles Thieves have expanded its Call of Duty League roster on Tuesday, January 18, with the addition of Nathaniel “Pentagrxm” Thomas. As announced, the 21-year-old joins the team as a substitute ahead of the 2022 CDL Kickoff Classic.

Los Angeles Thieves Expand CDL Roster

The Los Angeles Thieves Call of Duty esports roster grew by one man with the addition of Pentagrxm on Tuesday. The 21-year-old joins the CDSL franchise from Challengers as a substitute, just two days before the 2022 CDL Kickoff Classic.

The Thieves 2022 roster consists of two carryovers from 2021 in Zack “Drazah” Jordan and Kenneth “Kenny” Williams. The duo will team up with two new signings in Sam “Octane” Larew and Dylan “Envoy” Hannon, formerly of Surge and OpTic, respectively.

Considering the raw talent Los Angeles Thieves have on its active lineup, it’s unclear whether Pentagrxm will be given a chance to make his debut this weekend. Nevertheless, he is ready and able to step in if Thieves need him to.

Los Angeles Thieves have made quite a few changes to its CDL roster ahead of the 2022 season. And with the addition of Pentagrxm, it seems like Thieves have bigger plans.

Last season, the Los Angeles-based team struggled to make as much noise as many expected them to. Although they have achieved some success, that was mostly limited to top-six finishes.

Most notably, the Thieves placed fifth-sixth in the CDL Stage 3 and 5 Majors but could only manage a seventh-eighth in the CDL Championship 2021.

Pentagrxm’s Chance To Shine

We don’t know when Pentagrxm will be given a chance to compete in the CDL, nor can we know how he will do in the big boy’s league. Nevertheless, Pentagrxm has proven his worth and is a great addition to the team.

Pentagrxm joins Thieves from Challengers, where he has been competing since its inception. But while Pentagrxm’s experience in the professional CoD esports scene is limited to second-division leagues, the 21-year-old has achieved plenty.

He won the first NA Challengers online tournament in 2019 with JunkyardDawgzz. He since played for several rosters and found success no matter which team he was a part of.

Pentagrxm won two NA Challengers titles and finished second in the Call of Duty Challengers 2021 North American Finals in August with Built by Gamers. With the same team, Pentagrxm also claimed silver at CDL Challengers 2021 Elite NA Stage 4 Playoffs, Challengers Open #3, and #2.

Ahead of the 2022 season, Pentagrxm also performed admirably well in Vanguard tournaments. He won the first Challengers tournament (Call of Duty Challengers 2022 Cup #3 North America) of the Vanguard season on January 9 with a stacked named Real Madrid.

Before that, Pentagrxm also helped Real Madrid to a bronze medal at Call of Duty Challengers 2022 Cup #1 North America, proving he feels comfortable playing CoD’s latest title.

Having shown his talent in the Challengers, Pentagrxm has now secured a CDL contract, which could see him make a debut in the top division of the competitive Call of Duty soon. However, as it stands now, the Thieves has yet to hint whether we will see Pentagrxm compete in the CDL Kickoff Classic.

Nevertheless, Los Angeles Thieves are known for making roster changes throughout the season, so it might not take too long before we see Pentagrxm in action.

Ready For A New Season

The new-look Los Angeles Thieves roster will make their debut on Saturday, January 22. Their first match of the 2022 season will be against Paris Legion in the first round of the 2022 CDL Kickoff Classic.

According to esports bookies, the Los Angeles Thieves are heavy favorites (-500) to defeat Paris Legion (+300). Although we don’t know how the Thieves will do with the new roster, Legion’s poor showings in 2021 and lack of any notable additions suggest Thieves should lock in their first win of 2022.

Although Los Angeles Thieves will want to leave a good impression in the CDL Kickoff Classic, the team will likely want to preserve their strength for the opening stage of the 2022 CDL season, slated to kick off on February 4. Thieves’ first match of the 2022 CDL Stage 1 is scheduled for Sunday, February 6, against the reigning champions, Atlanta FaZe.