LOUD and PSG Talon Find Win on Worlds 2023 Opening Day

The opening day of the Play-In stage took place Monday in South Korea as Group A played their opening matches, delivering the international League of Legends competition fans have been waiting for.

Both LOUD and PSG Talon were able to find 2-0 wins over GAM Esports and Rainbow7, respectively. They will now have a day to regroup before they face off against each other to see who will be the first team to qualify for the Play-In Bracket.

GAM Esports and Rainbow7, on the other hand, are competing against eachother for their tournament lives as one of these two teams will be the first of the 22 teams at Worlds to have the dream of lifting the Summoner’s Cup come to an abrupt end.

LOUD vs. PSG Talon

  • When: Thursday, October 12th – 3 AM ET
  • Odds: LOUD (+140) vs. PSG Talon (-185)

LOUD found a massive 2-0 over the VCS’s GAM Esports, a team that has had previous success on the international stage. The win puts LOUD another step closer to delivering CBLOL, a respectable showing on the world stage that the region has so desperately been waiting for.

The Brazilian Squad consists of veterans of the CBLOL scene in Robo, Tinowns, and Ceos, with younger Korean players Croc and Route rounding out the team. This team hopes they have the talent and experience to make a deep run at this World Championship.

PSG Talon found an impressive 2-0 win over Rainbow7 on Monday, marking the start of what they hope to be a deep run into the Knockout Stage of the tournament. The team has been flourishing since signing Maple, the legendary midlaner of the very competitive Flashwolves teams in the early years of competitive League of Legends.

Maple, along with Azhi, Junjia, Wako, and Woody, now turn their attention to the LOUD, the only team standing between them and the Play-In Bracket.

Rainbow7 vs. GAM Esports

  • When: October 13th – 3 AM ET
  • Odds: Rainbow7 (+165) vs. GAM Esports (-220)

Rainbow7’s loss to PSG Talon marks the first loss for the Rainbow7 squad in a long while, as they went a perfect 7-0 during the LLA Closing 2023 Group Stage before making a perfect run through the Upper Bracket to earn their spot at Worlds 2023. The squad consists of two Korean solo laners, with Bong controlling the Top and Mireu holding down Mid.

The Peruvian jungler Oddie rounds out the roster alongside the Argentinian bot lane of Ceo and Lyonz. They are entering their next match against GAM as sizable underdogs but believe that their tournament lives are not done.

GAM Esports will be on the other side of Summoner’s Rift, looking to avoid elimination themselves. Their loss to LOUD wasn’t how they wanted to start their tournament at all, and many fans believe this squad still has plenty of fight in them.

They are coming off a top finish in the VCS Dusk Split and are fielding a strong roster made up of Kiaya, Kati, Slaydner, and Zin, with the VCS legend Levi still roaming the Jungle for the storied organization.

Levi was part of the original Gigabyte Marines team that was able to capture the love of the international League of Legends community and gave hope to teams in developing regions that they, too, could compete with the best in the World on the rift.

Being eliminated this early in the tournament would be a total disappointment for Levi and the company but would also show how far the competition has come.