LPL 2023 Summer Split Starting After Successful MSI

The LPL Summer Split has started and all eyes are on the best region in League of Legends as they kick off the 2023 Summer Seasons.

The LPL returned to Rift earlier this week, with the first games beginning on the 29th. All eyes will be on the LPL not only because they’re the first major region to start their summer split but also because of their dominant performance at the Mid-Season Invitational, where they proved on an international stage that China currently is home to the world’s best League of Legends. With a new split upon us we go over the expectations to have for some of the front runners coming into the split. 

Current LPL Standings

  1. Ultra Prime (1-0)

Edward Gaming Hycan (1-0)

Invictus Gaming (1-0)

FunPlus Pheonix (1-0)

5. Team WE (0-0)

Royal Never Give Up (0-0)

Oh My God (0-0)

Rare Atom (0-0)

LNG Esports (0-0)

JDG Intel Esports Club (0-0)

Weibo Gaming (0-0)

Bilibili Gaming (0-0)

TOP Esports (0-0)

14. Thunder Talk Gaming (0-1)

Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN (0-1)

LGD Gaming (0-1)

Anyone’s Legend (0-1)

Top Contenders for the Summer Split

All eyes will be on the Mid-Season Invitational Champions, JDG Intel Esports Club as season play starts back up. Throughout the MSI JDG Intel Esports Club were on a completely different level than any other team there. They had a thrilling match against the LCK’s T1 where they showed their poise winning 3-2 before taking down fellow countrymen Bilibili Gaming 3-1 in the finals. Any team that can find a win over this team this split will feel greatly accomplished knowing they took down easily the best team in the world.

Bilibili Gaming snuck into the international spotlight in thrilling fashion. They ended the Spring Split with a 10-6 record which gave them the 5th seed headed into playoffs. Where they made a miraculous run which saw them taking 2nd in the Spring Split Playoffs. At MSI they easily ran through their Play In bracket before tearing up the Lower Bracket after an early loss to JDG Intel Esports Club in the main bracket. Expect them to have a better regular season than last split starting with tons of momentum. 

Edward Gaming Hycan is a team that has been around League of Legends basically forever always fielding one of the best squads in the Chinese League. Last split they finished with a 13-3 record giving them the 2nd seed in playoffs. However, they stumbled against JDG Intel Esports Club in the Upper Bracket Semifinal before falling to Bilibili Gaming in the Lower Bracket Semifinal. Expect this team to be seeking revenge over the top two teams in the league last split. 

Upcoming LPL Schedule

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Wednesday, May 31st 

Royal Never Give Up (-174) vs. Rare Atom (+125) – 5 AM 

LNG Esports (-170) vs. TOP Esports (+130)

Thursday, June 1st

Oh My God (+200) vs Bilibili Gaming (-240) – 5 AM

Weibo Gaming (+200) vs. JDG Intel Esports Club (-275) – 7 AM

Friday, June 2nd

Team WE vs. Anyone’s Legend – 3 AM 

Thunder Talk Gaming vs. LGD Gaming – 5 AM

Ultra Primes vs. FunPlus Pheonix – 7 AM

Saturday, June 3rd

Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN vs. Invictus Gaming – 3 AM

Royal Never Give Up vs. LNG Esports – 5 AM

TOP Esports vs. Edward Gaming Hycan – 7 AM

Sunday, June 4th

Rare Atom vs. Bilibili Gaming – 3 AM

Weibo Gaming vs. Oh My God – 5 AM

LNG Esports vs. JDG Intel Esports Club – 7 AM

Monday, June 5th

Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN vs. LGD Gaming – 5 AM

Thunder Talk Gaming vs. Anyone’s Legend – 7 AM