LPL Summer Split Post-Season Bracket to Begin 

The LPL Summer Split Regular Season is done and we break down the favorites to become LPL champs.

After eight weeks of grueling League of Legends action, the LPL is finally ready for the postseason. The ten participating teams have all been seeded into the bracket, and right from the jump, we are getting some fun matchups in the first round. Who has what it takes to become Summer Champions of the world’s best professional League of Legends League? You won’t want to miss any of the action on YouTube or Twitch when the playoffs start on Thursday. 

Final LPL Summer Split Group Standings 

  1. Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank (15-1)
  2. Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club (14-2)
  3. Suzhou LNG Esports (12-4)


5. Oh My God (11-5)

6. WeiboGaming FAW AUDI (10-6)


Royal Never Give Up (8-8)

9. Shenzhen NINJAS IN PYJAMAS (7-9)

Xi’an Team WE (7-9)

11. Invictus Gaming (6-10)

FunPlus Phoenix (6-10)


Ultra Prime (5-11)

15. RARE ATOM (4-12)

Anyone’s Legend (4-12)

17. LGD GAMING (2-14)

Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank Gets First

Anyone can make a miracle run through playoffs. No one knows that better than Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank, who find themselves entering this bracket as the top seed. In the last split, they made a very memorable run through the playoffs after ending the regular season in 5th place and being seeded into the second round of the upper bracket. They would end the split in 2nd and go to MSI, where they’d also get 2nd once falling to JDG Intel Esports Club in both the LPL and MSI finals.

This summer has been incredibly good for Bilibili Gaming, who returned to the LPL with newfound confidence from their International success. They ended the split at the top of the standings with a 15-1 record, with their only loss coming to the 2nd place team Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club. Though it’s a loss that makes sense, it still has to be a concern for a Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank, who hasn’t been able to take down JDG Intel Esports Club all year. 

Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club Close Second

Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club had a phenomenal Summer Split finishing the regular season finishing with a 14-2 record putting them in 2nd place. Normally any team would consider this a successful regular season. However, Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club has to feel at least a tad bit discouraged, given they were on top of the League of Legends World just a few short months ago.

Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club has been consistently one of the best teams in the world all year. In Spring, they finished 13-3 and won the tiebreakers to enter the playoffs as the first seed, where they would dominate the competition on the way to winning an LPL championship. They then dominated the international competition in a similar fashion on their path to winning the Mid Season Invitational.

The expectation for them entering Summer was that they’d have an easy time en route to another top finish. And though they could take down the top team in China in Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank, they still could not finish the split in first place. Are we starting to see the decline of one of the best squads in the world, or is this just a minor hiccup for JDG Intel Esports Club before they absolutely dominate every team standing between them and a world championship?