LPL World Championship Representatives Locked In

The 2023 Competitive League of Legends Season in the LPL has ended, and we know who the four teams will represent the region at the 2023 World Championship, which is in South Korea this year and will kick off in October.

All four teams will enter the tournament with targets on their backs as the LPL is viewed by fans everywhere as the best region in competitive League of Legends right now. Will they be able to live up to the hype or leave Chinese fans disappointed?

Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club

Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club will enter the tournament as favorites to take the whole thing. They’ve consistently been one of China’s best teams all year and had a clean run at the Mid Season Invitational, which saw them leave with the crown. All the hype around this team is deserved.

They won both splits in the best League in the world, and whoever gets drawn into their group is going to have a lot to prepare for as JDG Intel Esports Club will look to repeat their international dominance.

Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank

The other top dog in the Chinese League of Legends scene is Bilibili Gaming Pingan Bank, which has taken down every team in the LPL except for the Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club. Despite their lack of success against the top team, they have managed to stay in the conversation for the best team in the world after being the runners-up at the Mid Season Invitational.

Their Spring Split was decent, ending the Regular Season with a 10-6 record. They entered the LPL Spring Playoffs as the 5th seed before making an incredible run to take home 2nd place. In the Summer, they were able to go to claim the top seed in the Playoffs ending with a 15-1 record.

They would take 3rd place in playoffs after taking some brutal losses to Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club and LNG Esports. They qualify for Worlds from Championship Points, where they hope to eclipse JDG finally.

LNG Esports

LNG is a team that has been hanging around at the top of the standings in the LPL but hasn’t been able to get the results that they wanted. In spring, they would end in a three-way tie for first place however ended up with the 3rd seed due to tiebreakers. They would see a quick exit losing to Oh My God in their first match of the tournament before the Loser’s Bracket had started.

Summer Split would see LNG again enter the playoffs as the 3rd seed. This time things went differently, and they made a run to the Grand Finals behind the Summer MVP Scout.

They would fall to Beijing JDG Intel Esports Club in the Grand Finals in a tough-fought 3-2 match. LNG Esports would compete in the Upper Bracket Final of the LPL Regional Finals, where they would take down Edward Gaming 3-1 to earn their spot at Worlds.

WeiboGaming FAW AUDI

WeiboGaming FAW AUDI is the dark horse from the LPL, as the team was decent throughout the year but never blew fans away. They ended both the Spring and Summer Split in the 5-6th spot.

As it turns out, they were waiting to play their best League of Legends in the Regional Finals, where they would find a 3-2 win over TOP ESPORTS and a 3-1 win over Edward Gaming to stamp their ticket to Worlds.