MAD Lions and Team Heretics Lead the LEC Early

The LEC started its summer split last week. As it stands, there is a large tie for 5th place as teams struggle to pull away from eachother in the standings.

The EMEA’s professional League of Legends league, the LEC, is back in full swing for its Summer Split for the 2023 competitive season. After the first week of play, over half of the league has a losing record, with half tied for 5th place with a 1-2 record. With only three weeks of regular season play before the Group Stage kicks off the postseason, teams are going to have to come up with responses to their early failings if they want to make a deep run in playoffs. 

Current LEC 2023 Summer Split Standings

  1. MAD Lions (3-0)

Team Heretics (3-0)

3. Fnatic (2-1)

G2 Esports (2-1)

5. SK Gaming (1-2)

Astralis (1-2)

KOI (1-2)

Team BDS (1-2)

Team Vitality (1-2)

10. EXCEL (0-3)

MAD Lions on the Hunt

MAD Lions have gotten off to a fast start being one of the only two teams that still have a perfect record going into Week 2. They started their split off with some impressive over some of the best teams in the region, taking down Team Vitality, G2 Esports, and KOI. This is exactly how MAD Lions wanted to start their split after a disappointing showing at the Mid-Season Invitational earlier this year. MAD Lion’s flashy start is no fluke, as this team holds the potential to take home the Summer crown.

Team Heretics’ Sneaky Good Start 

Team Heretics made some offseason moves, adding the French Midlaner Vincent “Vetheo” Berrié and Spanish ADC Victor “Falkked” Lirola to the starting lineup. The changes have so far proved successful as the team has had an impressive start to the season, taking down SK Gaming, Astralis, and Team Vitality on their way to a perfect 3-0 record at the end of Week 1. They’ll look to continue their success against three of the weaker teams in the league this upcoming week.

The Five-Way Tie for 5th

Currently, Half of the league sits with a 1-2 record, creating a large mass of teams sitting at 5th place. Astralis, KOI, SK Gaming, Team BDS, and Team Vitality are all looking to gain some separation from each other this upcoming week as everyone is competing for seeding going into the Group Stage. No one wants to be one of the two teams watching the postseason from home, so expect these teams to all deliver some hard-fought League of Legends this weekend. The race for the LEC Summer Split title and a chance to go to Worlds has started. Who will be left out? 

LEC 2023 Summer Split Week 2 Schedule 

All times listed are in Eastern Time. Check with your oddsmakers throughout the weekend, as odds will change as matches are completed.

Saturday, June 24th 

SK Gaming (-108) vs. Team BDS (-122) – 12 PM

EXCEL (+214) vs. Team Heretics (-294) – 1 PM

KOI (+135) vs. Fnatic (-179) – 2 PM

Team Vitality (+154) vs. G2 Esports (-208) – 3 PM

Astralis (+181) vs. MAD LIONS (-250) – 4 PM

Sunday, June 25th

EXCEL (+150) vs. Team BDS (-204) – 12 PM

Astralis (+154) vs. Team Vitality (-208) – 1 PM

Team Heretics (-182) vs. KOI (+137) – 2 PM

G2 Esports (-345) vs. SK Gaming (+239) – 3 PM

MAD Lions (-189) vs. Fnatic (+143) – 4 PM 

Monday, June 26th

Team BDS (+121) vs. Team Heretics (-159) – 12 PM

MAD Lions (-526) vs. EXCEL (+336) – 1 PM

G2 Esports (-312) vs. Astralis (+220) – 2 PM

KOI (-119) vs. SK Gaming (-111) – 3 PM

Fnatic (-115) vs. Team Vitality (-115) – 4 PM