MalbsMd And 00Nation Part Ways

00Nation announced the departure of Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa from the Brazilian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup.

00Nation announced the departure of Mario “malbsMd” Samayoa from the Brazilian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup. As revealed on Thursday, June 9, the 19-year-old has been moved to the bench, effectively ending his five-month stint with the team.

00Nation Make Changes

MalbsMd’s departure from 00Nations’ active roster was announced on Thursday, confirming the rumors that have been going around for the last few weeks. He is the second player to get benched from the roster after Leonardo “leo_drk” Oliveira, who stepped down in May.

Although malbsMd’s benching does not confirm anything, it suggests that the recent reports of 00Nation looking to rebuild its lineup are true. As revealed earlier this month, 00Nation is reportedly looking to overhaul its CS:GO division with the signing of the majority of GODSENT’s lineup.

Initial reports suggested that 00Nation would sign four members from GODSENT, including Eduardo “dumau” Wolkmer, Bruno “latto” Rebelatto, Bruno “b4rtiN” Câmara, and Epitácio “TACO” de Melo. However, the plans have seemingly changed.

The recent news unveiled that 00Nation is targeting six members of GODSENT, with Bruno “b4rtiN” Câmara said to be on the outs with Henrique “HEN1″ Teles. As a result, 00Nation would keep just Santino” try” Rigal.

A Turbulent Season

The complete overhaul of 00Nations’ lineup comes following a streak of disappointing results, which saw 00Nation struggle to achieve anything noteworthy.

Since the turn of the year, 00Nation have not won a single event, while their best performance came at RTP Arena Cup 2022 in March when they placed second. Elsewhere, 00Nation were not nearly as impressive, struggling to break inside the top three.

Over the last three months, 00Nation attended Pinnacle Cup III, OMEN WGR European Challenge 2022, and the American RMR. Yet they did not impress, managing just a 19th-20th, 5th-6th, and 12th-14th-place finish, respectively.

Due to 00Nation’s disappointing performances, the organization’s ranking on the global CS:GO ladder tanked. As of June 6, the team is ranked no.82 in the world, which is the lowest 00Nation has been since February 2022.

What’s Next For MalbsMd?

Even though MalbsMd has been removed from 00Nation’s active roster, the 19-year-old CS:GO pro’s career won’t stop here. Many teams have shown interest in him, including Team oNe, who are looking to re-add malbsMd to the active lineup.

MalbsMd had already played a game with Team oNe on Thursday when he served as a stand-in for oNe’s final match of ESL Challenger League Season 41 against Gaimin Gladiators, which oNe lost 1-2.

It is currently unclear whether malbsMd will reunite with his former team, but according to the recent news, the talks between Team oNe and 00Nation are at a standstill. Regardless, it’s fair to assume that oNe will push for the move to happen, as they need to find a replacement for Enzo Henrique “xns” Almeida, who got benched at the end of May.

“We came to the conclusion that changes are needed for us to reach our goals,” said 00Nation in the announcement.

“This decision was made in mutual agreement with the players. We are still in the process to find a balance in our roster, and we inform that malbsMd was moved to the bench and is free to look for new opportunities.”

With the recent departures, 00Nation field only three active players in Vinicius “vsm” Moreira Marcelo “coldzera” David, and Santino “try” Rigal.

However, if the deal with GODSENT comes through, vsm will get benched, leaving just try and coldzera as the former players that will be a part of the new-look lineup. There are no official confirmations about the roster changes yet, but more information about 00Nations’ new roster should become available in the coming weeks.