MOUZ NXT Part Ways With Szejn

MOUZ NXT announced the departure of Hubert “szejn” Siatly on Monday, September 5, leaving the team with just one member on the active lineup. Szejn leaves MOUZ NXT as the last original member of the academy squad, which won four WePlay Academy League titles.

A Promising Young Talent

Szejn is a 20-year-old Polish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who started his professional career in early 2018 when he played for GROM Clan. And while he has spent most of his early career competing for various stacks, szejn signed his first professional career in July 2018, when he joined Pompa Team.

During his relatively short stint with Pompa Team, szejn hasn’t achieved much, most notably crashing out of ESL Mistrzostwa Polski – Summer 2018: Closed Qualifier and finishing Games Clash Masters 2018 Closed Qualifier 3 in fourth place. Following two poor tournament results, Pompa parted ways with the Pole, who has spent the next year and a half competing for lesser teams in Onca Gaming and Warriors Team.

However, even competing in lesser tournaments has helped szejn improve, and he didn’t need long to catch the attention of Izako Boars, who signed him on trial in January 2020, eventually promoting him to the main lineup in March.

With Izako Boars, szejn has won numerous tournaments, including Esport Tour Pro Autumn 2020, Polish Esport Cup Fall 2020: Season 1, and ESEA Season 36: Advanced Division – Europe, proving himself as one of the most promising young players in the CS:GO scene.

During his time at Izako Boars, szejn has averaged a 1.09 performance rating and was one of the top players on the Polish lineup. After spending nearly one year and a half with Izako Boars, szejn left the team and joined MOUZ NXT, who signed the young Pole in June 2021 as one of the inaugural members of the academy lineup.

A Successful Journey With MOUZ NXT

Szejn joiuned MOUZ NXT in the summer of 2021 when he teamed up with Ádám “torzsi” Torzsás, Kamil “siuhy” Szkaradek, Jon “JDC” de Castro, and Dorian “xertioN” Berman. And although no one knew what to expect from the new lineup, MOUZ NXT hit the ground running.

Despite joining an academy lineup, szejn’s stint with MOUZ NXT proved to be the most successful period of his career. Although MOUZ NXT got off to a rough start, finishing Pinnacle Cup II in ninth-12th place, the team won their first tournament just a month later, when they lifted WePlay Academy League Season 1 trophy.

Since then, MOUZ NXT has added many more accolades to their name, including semi-finals appearance at Malta Vibes Knockout Series #3, Pinnacle Fall Series #2, and Malta Vibes Knockout Series #4, as as well as top-eight at Pinnacle Fall Series #3.

In 2022, MOUZ NXT won WePlay Academy League Season 3 and Season 4; however, they were largely unsuccessful elsewhere, mainly due to the departure of key players, most of whom left to play for the main MOUZ lineup.

Besides winning the third and fourth WePlay Academy League, MOUZ NXT could not find success elsewhere, with their best placement coming from REPUBLEAGUE Season 3, where they placed fifth-sixth. The lack of achievements throughout 2022 led to the inevitable departure of key players, some of whom again joined the main lineup, leaving the team depleted and unable to keep competing.

And even though szejn was one of the top players on the team, averaging a 1.03 rating throughout his stint with MOUZ NXT, he and the organization decided to part ways on Monday. As of now, it’s unclear where szejn will continue his CS:GO career, but he likely won’t struggle to find a new home.