MSI Champions JDG Lose Opening Match in LPL

The defending LPL and Mid-Season Invitational Champions lost their opening match against Weibo Gaming in their first match of the LPL Summer Split. The early loss from the best team in the world at League of Legends comes as a welcome shock proving that the LPL truly is the most competitive league in the world when it comes to Esports. With a Week 2 that offers over 15 matches, you’ll have plenty of high-level League of Legends to watch, even if your home region hasn’t started playing yet. 

Current LPL Standings

After the first week of play, only three teams remain undefeated Ultra Prime, Bilibili Gaming, and Weibo Gaming. Though Weibo had the most impressive win of the three, they’ve only played one match, while Ultra Prime and Bilibili Gaming have played two. Still, if Weibo can string together a couple more wins, they’ll definitely be viewed as a front-runner of the league. 

Ultra Prime’s 2-0 has come against not the strongest of opposition. Still, you can’t fault a team for their strength of schedule, and they’ve dealt with every challenge thrown at them so far this season. They kicked off the split with a 2-1 win over Anyone’s Legend in the very first match of the season. Their next match was a dominant 2-0 over FunPlus Pheonix. This upcoming week will bring much tougher competition, including fellow 2-0 team Bilibili Gaming.

Bilibili Gaming came back from a successful MSI campaign and has kept up the momentum. Their first match saw them take on the formidable Oh My God in what ended up being a solid 2-0 win for Bilibili before a closer 2-1 win over Rare Atom. Their schedule isn’t getting any easier as they face Edward Gaming Hycan and Ultra Prime next week in what should be some exciting games of League of Legends.


  1. Ultra Prime (2-0)

Bilibili Gaming (2-0)

3. Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN (2-1)

LNG Esports (2-1)

5. Team WE (1-0)

6. Edward Gaming Hycan (1-1)

Royal Never Give Up (1-1)

Oh My God (1-1)

Invictus Gaming (1-1)

JDG Intel Esports Club (1-1)

Weibo Gaming (1-1)

Top Esports (1-1)

FunPlus Phoenix (1-1)

14. Thunder Talk Gaming (1-2)

Anyone’s Legend (1-2)

16. Rare Atom (0-2)

17. LGD Gaming (0-3)

Upcoming LPL Schedule

All times listed are in Eastern Time. 

Tuesday, June 6th

Team WE (-325) vs. Ultra Prime (+240) – 5 AM

Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN (+375) vs. Top Esports (-650) – 7 AM

Wednesday, June 7th

Oh My God (+250) vs. JDG Intel Esports Club (-350) – 3 AM

Invictus Gaming (+135) vs. Royal Never Give Up (-175) – 5 AM

Edward Gaming Hycan (-130) vs. Bilibili Gaming (+100) – 7 AM

Thursday, June 8th

Rare Atom vs. FunPlus Phoenix – 3 AM

LGD Gaming vs. JDG Intel Esports Club – 5 AM

Weibo Gaming vs. LNG Esports – 7 AM

Friday, June 9th

Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN vs. Anyone’s Legend – 3 AM

Top Esports vs. Thuder Talk Gaming – 5 AM

Ultra Prime vs. Bilibili Gaming – 7 AM

Saturday, June 10th

Royal Never Give Up vs. Oh My God – 3 AM

Team WE vs. Invictus Gaming – 5 AM

JDG Intel Esports Club vs. Edward Gaming Hycan – 7 AM

Sunday, June 11th

LNG Esports vs. FunPlus Phoenix – 3 AM

Rare Atom vs. LGD Gaming – 5 AM

Weibo Gaming vs. Top Esports – 7 AM

Monday, June 12th

Ultra Prime vs. Thunder Talk Gaming – 5 AM

Bilibili Gaming vs Anyone’s Legend – 7 AM