Natus Vincere Move Up in VCT: EMEA Standings

Last week, the VCT: EMEA Leauge had a health problem as members of Fnatic tested positive for Covid-19. We break down the craziness while previewing next week.

Last week was an eventful one for the Valorant Champions Tour: EMEA League, as Riot was forced to delay the Fnatic vs. KOI match due to multiple players from Fnatic testing positive for Covid-19. All the other matches continued, which saw Natus Vincere start to separate themselves from the pack with yet another win. 

Fnatic vs KOI Delayed

Fnatic vs KOI was removed from the Week 4 schedule due to Covid-19 cases among Fnatic’s team. Fnatic has been perfect so far this season and looked to continue their winning streak against one of the weaker teams in the EMEA league. It’s unsure how much practice Fnatic has had with all the illness amongst their team, but you can expect them to still be functioning on a high level. 

KOI may have benefited in the meantime, at least as a delayed match against Fnatic keeps them out of the tie for last place in the league. Currently sitting at 1-3, they are two wins behind 6th place and currently on a 3-game losing streak. Not having to face Fnatic last week allows this team to try and break their losing streak against a more manageable opponent in Karmine Corp this week. 

Current Valorant Champions Tour: EMEA League Standings

Natus Vincere was able to secure a 2-0 match win over Karmine Corp improving their record to 4-1 on the season so far, which just so happened to give them sole possession of 2nd place in the standings. Karmine Corp kept it close on both maps, so expect Natus Vincere not to underestimate a formidable opponent in Team Vitality this week.

Giants Gaming is coming off a 2-0 win over FUT Esports. The first map wasn’t even close as Giants took Icebox 13-5. Though FUT Esports were able to keep it close in the second map, Giants still walked away with Split 13-11. The Giants Roster showed great flexibility in playing nine unique agents last week. Expect the same fluidity from them in the future. They are underdogs against another 3-2 squad in Team Liquid.

FUT Esports has shown to be an up-and-down team, embarrassing KOI one week just to be embarrassed by Giants Gaming the next. When they play at the top of their game, they dismantle their opponents. With FUT Esport’s potential to pop off and a questionable week of preparation for Fnatic, fans may be in store for a massive upset. 

Team Liquid found their 3rd win last week against Team Heretics. Team Liquid has looked solid beating the bad teams of the league however they haven’t been able to step up against the better competition in the league. Their match against Giants Gaming this week is a great opportunity for them to put themselves as one of the frontrunners of the Valorant Champions Tour: EMEA.


  1. Fnatic (4-0)
  2. Natus Vincere (4-1)
  3. Giants Gaming (3-2)
  4. FUT Esports (3-2)
  5. Team Liquid (3-2)
  6. Team Vitality (3-2)
  7. KOI (1-3)
  8. BBL Esports (1-4)
  9. Team Heretics (1-4)
  10. Karmine Corp (1-4)

Week 5 Valorant Champions Tour: EMEA Schedule and Odds

All times listed are in Eastern Time. 

Wednesday, April 26th

Giants Gaming (+110) vs Team Liquid (-145) – 2 PM

Thursday, April 27th

BBL Esports (-225) vs Team Heretics (+170) – 12 PM

KOI (-460) vs Karmine Corp (+300) – 3 PM 

Friday, April 28th

FUT Esports (+475) vs Fnatic (-800) – 12 PM 

Team Vitality (+165) vs Natus Vincere (-220) – 3 PM