Natus Vincere Win BLAST Premier Fall Final

Natus Vincere Win BLAST Premier Fall Final

Natus Vincere extended their era of dominance on Sunday, November 29, by winning the BLAST Premier Fall Final. The Ukrainian esports organization collected their second consecutive tournament title with a 2-1 win against Team Vitality at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

Natus Vincere’s Era

Natus Vincere confirmed their status as the undisputed best CS:GO esports team by winning the BLAST Premier Fall Final trophy. The team’s success comes as a surprise to no one, as Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and co. continue racking in titles.

Just a few weeks back, NaVi won the organization’s first Major title. And they made it clear that they’re not done dominating the scene this Sunday.

By winning the trophy, NaVi also ended the season as the highest-rated team on the BLAST Premier World Leaderboard 2021. They’ve collected 17600 BLAST points, well above Gambit Esports (13750) and the third-placed Heroic (8050).

With that, NaVi are guaranteed to attend BLAST Premier: World Final 2021 in December. But, it’s worth noting that NaVi had already booked their ticket for the World Final through results at ESL Pro League Season 14 & PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Winning the BLAST Premier Finals further cemented NaVi as the no.1 team in the global rankings – a status they’ve held since July 2021.

A Near-Flawless Run

Natus Vincere entered BLAST Premier Fall Final as the team to beat, and they justified their tag with exceptional performances. S1mple and his crew kicked off the tournament with an upper bracket quarter-finals clash with BIG, where the German side struggled to show much of a fight.
NaVi won the series with 16-4 on Dust II and 16-11 on Nuke and eased into the semi-finals.

There NaVi met with the Danish powerhouse, Heroic, who showed a lot more resistance. NaVi claimed the first map (Inferno) with 16-11 but slipped on Mirage (14-16) and had to enter the decider.

But despite their minor slip-up in the second map of the series, NaVi hadn’t had any issues closing out the deal. The reigning Major champions won Overpass with 16-12 and advanced into the upper bracket finals.

In the upper bracket finals, NaVi clashed with Team Vitality, who had previously beaten Team Liquid and Astralis. And while the French CS:GO esports team showed solid form throughout the tournament, they couldn’t deliver against NaVi.

In one of the most one-sided matches of the tournament, NaVi crushed Vitality with 16-7 on Inferno and 16-6 on Nuke to book a spot in the finals. There they reunited with Vitality, who made it past Astralis in the lower bracket finals.

The NaVi vs Vitality Final

The rematch between NaVi and Vitality proved much closer than their first meeting at the BLAST Premier Fall Finals.

The series kicked off on Mirage, Vitality’s map pick, but it was NaVi who proved the map suited them better. S1mple and co. secured a commanding 9-6 lead before the switch, setting themselves up for success.

And even though Vitality showed a lot more fight as CT, reducing the lead to 8-9, they couldn’t match NaVi, who stormed to a 16-12 victory.

Next up was Nuke, a signature pick of NaVi, where the CIS CS:GO esports roster held a 20-map win streak. With odds stacked against them and a defeat on the horizon, Vitality turned on their jets and produced one of the most shocking results of the tournament.

Vitality achieved what many teams before them weren’t able to and broke NaVi’s Nuke win streak. Not only that, But Vitality humiliated the Ukrainian outfit, won the map with 16-6, and forced map three.

The BLAST Premier Fall Finals came down to the signature decider map, Inferno. However, a map that is notorious for close fixtures was anything but that on Sunday.

NaVi proved once again why they’re considered the best in the world as they secured a near-flawless first half (12-3). With backs against the wall, Vitality tried to make a comeback, but their efforts fell flat.

The series ended in the 23rd round when Valerii “b1t” Vakhovskyi clutched a 1v2 on B-site to secure his team a 16-7 victory and the title of BLAST Premier Fall Finals champions.

S1mple claimed the tournament as the MVP, finishing the final series with a 76-46 K/D. The Ukrainian CS:GO superstar ended the tournament with an1.39 average rating and 0.93 KPR.

Meanwhile, the team collected $225,000 in tournament winnings, while Vitality pocketed an $85,000 consolation prize.