New York, Washington, and L.A. on the Bubble in OWL Summer

Time is winding down in the Overwatch League until the Playoffs wrap up the 2023 competitive season.

Five of the eight spots at Playoffs are still up for grabs, and teams are starting to really feel the pressure as with the future of the Overwatch League unknown, every team and player wants to say they went out as champions if the league is unable to run at the same capacity next year.

Who will take a step closer to becoming world champions, and who will watch the competition from home?

The East

The Eastern teams just wrapped up their second round of the Summer Stage Knockouts. Currently, 12 teams are battling it out in two separate double-elimination brackets for the chance to go to the Playoffs. The teams that win each bracket will earn themselves a chance to compete for the title of World Champions.

The next two teams in each bracket will earn a chance to continue their 2023 campaign by competing in the Play-In stage, another double-elimination bracket where the winner will get the last Eastern Spot in the Playoffs.

This weekend, the Dallas Fuel will take on the Hangzhou Spark in the Group A Upper Bracket Final, while Seoul Infernal and O2 battle it out in the Group B Upper Bracket Final. Winners of both matches will find themselves a match away from securing a spot in the Playoffs.

While the losers will wait to see how the lower bracket plays out. All four teams are nearing the finish line and will be able to be able to find their stride down the final stretch of the season.

The West

In the West, the Atlanta Reign, Florida Mayhem, and Houston Outlaws have all already secured their spots in the 2023 Overwatch League Playoffs by finishing in the Top 3 of the West Standings.

There is still hope for the remaining Western Teams, as there are two more playoff spots up for grabs in the Play-ins. The teams that finish in spots 4-10th in the standings will earn the right to compete for one of the two spots in early September.

Going into the last week of matches, the Boston Uprising, Vancouver Titans, San Francisco Shock, Toronto Defiant, and London Spitfire have all already qualified for the Play-In Stage, leaving two spots left.

Currently, there is a three-way tie between the New York Excelsior, Washington Justice, and Los Angeles Gladiators for those last two spots.

All three teams will be feeling the heat going into their matches, as losing this week could have season-ending consequences.

Schedule and Betting Odds

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Saturday, September 2nd


  • Poker Face (-800) vs. Rhodes (+458) – 4 AM
  • Dreamers (-225) vs. PANTHERA (+165) – 5:30 AM
  • Seoul Dynasty (-138) vs. Guangzhou Charge (+104) – 7 AM
  • Sin Prisa Gaming (+105) vs. Shanghai Dragons (-143) – 8:30 AM


  • Vancouver Titans (-162) vs. New York Excelsior (+112) – 3 PM
  • Los Angeles Gladiators (+136) vs. Boston Uprising (-200) – 4:30 PM
  • Los Angeles Valiant (+1105) vs. Florida Mayhem (-5092) – 6 PM

Sunday, September 3rd


  • Hangzhou Spark (+126) vs. Dallas Fuel (-168) – 4 AM
  • O2 Blast (+379) vs. Seoul Infernal (-619) – 7 AM


  • Washington Justice (+115) vs. Toronto Defiant (-153) – 3 PM
  • London Spitfire (-100) vs. Houston Outlaws (-144) – 4:30 PM
  • San Francisco Shock (-108) vs. Atlanta Reign (-133) – 6 PM