Nintendo favourites ‘Smash Bros’ and ‘Splatoon 2’ on the rota for Global Championship

Highly competitive fighting phenomenon, ‘Super Smash Brothers‘ is a Nintendo animated favourite across the globe. Created in Japan, the main objective of the game is to knock your opponents character off the designed stage in order to gain points and win the game; this differentiates from traditional fighting games where the idea is to weaken and defeat by eliminating health bars.

In addition to ‘Smash Bros’, as it’s better known, ‘Splatoon‘ is another fiercely competitive game that has been received extremely well via the Nintendo Switch platform. A typical third-person shooter genre title, this friendly visual is also multiplayer but follows the story of a single character known as a ‘Inkling’, who joins forces with others players to defeat the main opponent. Splatoon 2 is an equally successful sequel that incorporates new weapons and specialised modes to help players complete the levels and tackle the enemies within.

Both titles are largely responsible for Nintendo’s ever-growing fame and accomplishment, raking in millions of consumers and competitors via its online traffic and offline media consoles.

To add to its success, Nintendo have recently announced that both of these popular games are joining the rota at this year’s E3 World Championships, commencing on the 8th June, 2019. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and Splatoon 2 are to be featured in the Los Angeles grand finals and will include players from various corners of the world, including Europe, Japan, North America, New Zealand and Australia. Having just finished the North American opens, a tournament allowing anybody of various skillset to compete and be included, Nintendo are making bold moves to be the best gaming organisation to date.

Soon-to-be President and current Vice-President of Nintendo, Mr Doug Bowser, kindly spoke in an interview about the potential this event will bring:

“We will showcase some of the best players of some of our biggest games on a huge international stage. Whether you’re cheering for a favourite player or you just love to watch top-level competitive play, you’ll see how these events highlight the Nintendo community and bring people together.”

Outlining this event as family-friendly and open to all, it’s likely to be an extremely attractive space for anybody with even a small interest in competitive gaming.

There isn’t an awful lot more information available just now about the up and coming event, however it will surely gain a large public response and more announcements will likely be just around the corner!