Nuguri Reported To Make A Return to LoL Pro Play

Nuguri Reported To Make A Return to LoL Pro Play

Jang "Nuguri" Ha-gwon is reportedly returning to League of Legends pro play. As announced, the 22-year-old will return to DWG KIA.

Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon is reportedly returning to League of Legends pro play. As announced, the 22-year-old will return to DWG KIA, with who he won the 2020 LoL World Championship.

Nuguri Is Back!

Nuguri is reportedly getting ready to return to professional League of Legends in the LCK 2022 Summer. As revealed, Nuguri has decided to end his competitive break and will re-join DWG KIA, which he was a part of in 2017-2020.

The 22-year-old has been on a break from the competitive scene since November 2021, when he parted ways with FunPlus Phoenix following the team’s disappointing performance at LoL World Championship. Now, after four months, the Korean pro decided to return to professional LoL as a member of DWG KIA.

Nuguri’s return has yet to be officially confirmed, nor have DWG KIA revealed his signing. However, many reputable sources have confirmed Nuguri’s homecoming for the Summer Split.

If Nuguri ends up joining DWG KIA, he will likely take over as starting top laner, meaning DWG KIA will make at least one roster change ahead of the next split.

The Korean team currently fields two top laners in Yoon “Hoya” Yong-ho and Noh “Burdol” Tae-yoon, with one likely leaving the team in the coming months. While shocking, the return is a much-needed change for DWG KIA, which did not live up to the expectations this season.

The Return Of The Top Lane King

Nuguri is widely known as one of the best top lane players in the world, a tag he has earned with his performances at DWG KIA between 2017 and 2020. The 22-year-old played an integral part in DWG KIA’s success in 2020 and years prior, helping the team qualify for the LCK and leading DWG KIA to one domestic title and the Summoner’s Cup.

After winning the LoL World Championship, Nuguri left DWG KIA to join the Chinese powerhouse, FunPlus Phoenix. However, the shock move did not play out as Nuguri had planned.

Although FPX achieved plenty domestically, the Chinese LoL team fell apart on the international stage. With Nuguri, FPX finished LPL 2021 Spring in second, won the LPL 2021 Summer regular season, and ended the split with another silver medal.

As one of China’s top LoL teams, FPX headed to the 2021 LoL Worlds as one of the favorites to take home the trophy. But they couldn’t make it happen.

Not only had FPX failed to win the organizations’ second Summoner’s Cup, but FPX did not even make it into the playoffs. After they crashed out of the group stage, the team ended the 2021 LoL Worlds in 14th-16th place.

Following a humiliating performance at LoL Worlds, FPX completely rebuilt its roster and parted ways with all players but ADC Lin “Lwx” Wei-Xiang.

While all other players found a new home quickly, Nuguri decided to take a break from professional LoL.

A Much-Needed Boost

The former LoL world champions went through a rough period since the team stood atop of the world in 2020. Although DWG KIA did well in 2021, the team did not reach the same heights as years before.

In the 2021 season, DWG KIA won the LCK 2021 Spring regular season and playoffs. They finished the MSI in second, added another domestic title in LCK 2021 Summer, but fell flat on the big stage.

DWG KIA came just one map short of hoisting their second LoL Worlds title in 2021. But unfortunately, they had to admit defeat to EDward Gaming in the finals, ending the year with two international silver medals.

Heading into the 2022 season, DWG KIA further digressed, as they did not win the domestic title. DWG KIA finished the regular season in third and came one map short of reaching the finals.

Even though DWG KIA achieved plenty this season, a bronze medal was far below the expectations, which ushered in the much-needed roster changes. And the first one will come in the form of the signing of Nuguri.