Odds to Win Counter-Strike: GO | Pro League Season 13

Odds to Win Counter-Strike: GO | Pro League Season 13

The Pro League: Season 13 tournament begins March 8 and lasts over a month until the championship match on April 11. Teams will compete in a prize pool of $750,000.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans and gamers should prepare for the next Masters tournament featuring 24 of the best teams in the game. The Pro League: Season 13 tournament begins March 8 and lasts over a month until the championship match on April 11. Teams will compete in a prize pool of $750,000.

The CS:GO teams are fresh-off the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2021 where Gambit ESports was crowned champion over Virtus.pro. Many of the same teams will be competing in the Pro League tournament as part of the Intel Grand Slam. In addition to prize money, teams will earn Circuit Points that are applied to future tournaments.

First place will receive $175,000 dollars and 1300 Circuit Points.

Pro League Season 13: Competition Structure

The tournament will begin March 8, with a 24 team Group Stage. Each Counter Strike team will battle through a round-robin stage to secure their placement in the playoffs. Group winners will be placed in the “Play-in” round to earn a several round bye in the playoffs.

A single elimination playoff Round of 12 will feature the 2nd and 3rd place teams of each group from the round-robin. The play-in teams will then join the playoffs in the quarterfinals and the semifinals. The championship match will then be a best-of-5 match.

Tournament Schedule

The Pro League tournament will be spaced out through the month of March and into April. Here is the schedule for the tournament:

  • Group A matches: March 8-12, Group B matches: March 13-18, Group C matches: March 19-24, Group D matches: March 25-29
  • Play-in matches: April 8
  • Grand Final: April 11

Odds to Win Pro League Season 13:

Check out the odds to win Counter-Strike:GO Pro League Season 13 from BetOnline.

Group A

  • Big (+1400)
  • OG (+1900)
  • Complexity Gaming (+2100)
  • Heroic (+2500)
  • Renegades (+10000)
  • FunPlus Phoenix (+20000)

Group B

  • Team Vitality (+500)
  • G2 Esports (+900)
  • Faze Clan (+1100)
  • mousesports (+1700)
  • Ninjas In Pyjamas (+2300)
  • ENCE (+3500)

Group C

  • Natus Vincere (+300)
  • Gambit Esports (+600)
  • FURIA Esports (+1100)
  • MIBR (+4000)
  • Cloud 9 (+5000)
  • Team One (+30000)

Group D

  • Astralis (+300)
  • Virtus.pro (+400)
  • Team Liquid (+700)
  • Evil Geniuses (+1200)
  • Fnatic (+2700)
  • Endpoint (+15000)

Pro League Season 13 Odds Analysis

With such a competitive tournament, initial placement could seriously effect a team’s success further into the playoffs. Groups C and D appear to have the most competitive teams. This simply means that a stronger team could have a longer road to reach the Grand Final match.

Astralis (+300): A Danish team with a ton of experience under their belt. Astralis has consistently won tournament after tournament. Most recently, they won the Intel Extreme Master XV in December 2020. They could easily take the gold in this tournament.

Natus Vincere (+300): A team from Ukraine that’s been competitive since the dawn of CS:GO. They’re the only team to win 3 major tournaments in one year. Most recently won the Global Final 2020 against Astralis.

Virtus.pro (+400): An established team based in Russia. Virtus.pro has been able to attract the top talent in Counter Strike. They played second in the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2021 losing to Gambit eSports.

Vitality (+500): A French organization that first began in 2018. Vitality has been able to attract the best talent despite being relatively new to Counter Strike. They’ve managed to win a few major tournaments but could struggle later in the playoffs.

Gambit (+600): A Russian organization that recently regrouped with the best talent. Gambit is still celebrating their huge win at the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2021. Gambit will be looking to continue their momentum through this tournament.

Pro League Season 13: Region of Winner Odds

Counter Strike eSports is currently dominated by European and CIS (Russian and Eastern Europe) teams. Of the top five teams, there are no teams outside of the East/West European zone. The tournament does feature teams from Brazil, Australia, and the USA. Here are the odds to win provided by BetOnline based of region:

  • Europe (-125)
  • CIS (Russia and Eastern Europe) (+100)
  • Americas (+600)
  • Oceania (+5000)
  • Asia (+10000)