Odds to Win Starcraft II: World Team League Tournament

Odds to Win Starcraft II: World Team League Tournament

The World Team League 2021 Summer is being hosted in South Korea where teams will compete in a short, 11-match season before the playoffs begin. Only 12 teams will compete for a total purse of $40,000.

With the end of the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2021 tournament, gamers and bettors were stunned by the victory of Italian gamer Reynor. A huge win that surprised the Starcraft community. Despite the upset, the South Korean region remains a dominant citadel for competitive Starcraft II.

Unlike the IEM Katowice, which was an individual players tournament, the World Team League will feature the best players grouped together.

The Starcraft World Team League 2021 Summer tournament is being hosted by South Korea where teams will compete in a short, 11-match season before the playoffs begin. Only 12 teams will compete for a total purse of $40,000.

Odds for the tournament are below.

World Team League Season Details

The League Tournament is set to begin March 26 where teams will begin an 11-round robin for a shot at the playoffs. The season is slated to run from the end of March until mid-June.

The season standings are ranked by team points. A team will be awarded 3 points for a “normal” victory that doesn’t require an “ace” match. 2 points for a victory with an ace match. 1 point for a loss with an ace match. And lastly 0 points for an outright loss. An ace match being the fifth (or last) match in a best-of series.

Teams will be ranked by points, map-score differential, head-to-head record, and additional tie-breaker matches if needed. The top 5 teams will advance into the playoff tournament.

World Team League Playoff Details

The playoffs begin June 26 with the championship match scheduled for June 27.

The top 5 teams will then compete in a “King of the Hill” type playoff structure. The bottom wrung team will have to keep winning in order to continue up the ladder. Whichever team finished 1st in the regular season won’t have to compete until the Finals.

A team’s tournament seed could easy define it’s fate in the tournament. The lower seeded teams will have a much longer road to victory than a higher seeded team.

A team will have to win a best-of-7 match in order to advance. Individuals players will have to win two games for a team point. A team will have to earn four team points in order to advance. The ace match will be best-of-one.

Odds to Win the World Team League 2021

Odds provided by BetOnline:

  • Dragon Phoenix Gaming (+160)
  • Afreeca Freecs (+350)
  • KaiZi Gaming (+450)
  • Team Liquid (+500)
  • Shopify Rebellion (+550)
  • Team NV (+900)
  • Alpha X (+1400)
  • Good Game Gaming (+10000)
  • Team eXoN (+10000)
  • Team GP (+25000)
  • Invictus Gaming (+50000)
  • Team LP (+50000)

World Team League Odds Analysis

Dragon Phoenix Gaming (+160): A clear favorite as the dominant team for this competition. DPG faced KaiZi Gaming in an exhibition match on March 21 and won 3-0. In fact, DPG didn’t even lose an individual match. They won the Spring tournament last year and placed 3rd in the fall tournament. Look for DPG to repeat their success and compete for the Finals.

Afreeca Freecs (+350): a team that might be playing on reputation alone. Afreeca Freecs was a powerhouse team until they disbanded in 2016. They reformed again in 2020. Can they capture their former superstar status? I would suggest bettors take a wait-and-see approach to Afreeca Freecs in 2021.

KaiZi Gaming (+450): might be feeling the sting from the shutout exhibition loss to DPG on March 21. Of course, KG has the experience to excel in the 2021 spring tournament. This team won the 2020 fall tournament, and finished 3rd in the spring tournament. Look for KaiZi to repeat their success in 2021.

Team Liquid (+500): A European team that has been around since Starcraft: Brood War in 2000. One of the only European teams to compete competitively in the Korean circuit. Since focusing on smaller tournaments in 2020, Team Liquid is looking for the international spotlight once again. Team Liquid will need to make the playoffs to boost it’s confidence in this tournament.

Shopify Rebellion (+550): The paint is still drying on this team’s emblem. Recently formed in February 2021, this would be their first major tournament. The team is a conglomerate of three individual players: ByuN, Lambo, and Scarlett. The odds might have placed Shopify a little high, this team is virtually untested. Bettors might want to avoid this team until proven otherwise.