One Spot Left Unclaimed in the LCK Playoffs

With one week left in the LCK Summer Split Regular Season, only one playoff spot is still up for grabs, and with all the teams within a game of each other, anyone could end up with it.

With four teams’ hopes of being crowned the 2023 LCK Summer Split Champions ending after this week, you can expect all of the Korean teams to come out and play their best League of Legends the year.

You won’t want to miss any of the action on Twitch and YouTube when the final week kicks off on August 2nd.

LCK Summer Split Standings

  • Gen.G Esports (15-1)
  • kt Rolster (15-1)
  • Hanwha Life Esports (11-5)
  • Dplus Kia (10-6)
  • T1 (7-9 )
  • Liiv SANDBOX (5-11)
  • NongShim REDFORCE (5-11)
  • OKSavingsBank BRION (4-12)
  • Kwangdong Freecs (4-12)
  • DRX (4-12)

Sitting Easy

Currently, five teams have already qualified for the LCK Summer Playoffs; with that, we also know which two teams are going to get the first-round byes. Gen.G Esports and kt Rolster are sitting at the top of the standings, both with 15-1 match records on the season so far. Though they both have already qualified for the Semifinals, we still don’t know which one will be the #1 seed and who will be #2.

Hanwha Life Esports and Dplus Kia both have secured spots in the postseason. With Hanwha Life Esports sitting at 11-5 on the season and Dplus Kia sitting at 10-6, the two will enter the final week competing for 3rd place in the standings. The team who gets that coveted 3rd seed will have a much easier matchup against the last team in the playoffs compared to the 4th seed, who will probably have to face off against T1.

T1 has secured their spot in the playoffs, currently sitting at 7-9 on the season. Though the team started out fine, their star midlaner Faker would be sidelined with an injury later in the season. There is still no guarantee of when Faker will be back in the starting lineup, but there is hope it could be by the start of playoffs. Faker’s return will be a relief for T1 fans as the team has been in a downward spiral since Faker had to take his absence.

One Last Shot

Liiv SANDBOX, NongShim REDFORCE, Kwangdong Freecs, OKSavingsBank BRION, and DRX are all playing for their competitive lives this week, as only one of them will make it into playoffs. Liiv SANDBOX and NongShim REDFORCE currently hold a one-game lead on the bottom three teams in the league.

However, both enter their final two games as underdogs, opening the door for any of the bottom teams to make a move. With one week of League of Legends left, these teams have one last shot at the postseason.

Schedule and Betting Odds

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Wednesday, August 2nd

  • T1 (-500) vs. Kwangdong Freecs (+342) – 4 AM
  • NongShim REDFORCE (+631) vs. Dplus Kia (-1250) – 6:30 AM

Thursday, August 3rd

  • DRX (-114) vs. OKSavingsBank BRION (-111) – 4 AM
  • Hanwha Life Esports (+276) vs. Gen.G Esports (-370) – 6:30 AM

Friday, August 4th

  • Liiv SANDBOX (+156) vs. T1 (-196) – 4 AM
  • NongShim REDFORCE (+1048) vs. kt Rolster (-2500) – 6:30 AM

Saturday, August 5th

  • Dplus Kia (-108) vs. Hanwha Life Esports (-118) – 2 AM
  • OKSavingsBank BRION (+894) vs. Gen.G Esports (-2000) – 4:30 AM

Sunday, August 6th

  • DRX (-196) vs. Kwangdong Freecs (+152) – 2 AM
  • kt Rolster (-1000) vs. Liiv SANDBOX (+597) – 4:30 AM