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OpTic Gaming Valorant Coach Tests Positive For COVID

OpTic Gaming announced on Wednesday, August 31, that its Valorant head coach Chet "Chet" Singh, tested positive for COVID.

OpTic Gaming announced on Wednesday, August 31, that its Valorant head coach Chet “Chet” Singh, tested positive for COVID. The announcement came just hours before OpTic Gaming’s first match at VALORANT Champions 2022.

Chet Out With COVID

As revealed by the North American esports organization on Wednesday, OpTic Gaming will compete at VALORANT Champions 2022 without their head coach Chet. The 25-year-old has reportedly tested positive for COVID; however, he will still be able to help the team.

According to Riot Games rules, if a tea member is infected but still feels well enough, they’re permitted to compete at VALORANT Champions 2022 from an isolated room, meaning that Chet will be able to assist his squad remotely.

“As a COVID-19 safety precaution, all participants are required to participate in a regular testing cadence. During mandatory testing, a member of OpTic Gaming produced a positive result from a PCR test,” read Riot Games’ announcement.

“Our policy states that in the event of a competitor returns a positive result for COVID-19 but feels well enough to compete and chooses to play; the affected player will play the scheduled match on a LAN network built in the isolation facilities.”

“The individual who tested positive will participate from an isolated room while their teammates and the opposing team will compete form the venue,” added Riot games, confirming that Chet will be able to help his team on their quest for the VALORANT Champions 2022 title.

OpTic Gaming’s coach added that the tournament organizers have provided him with everything necessary to speed up his recovery, leaving the fans at ease knowing that Chet might return to the venue shortly.

100 Thieves Battle Their Own Issues

Unfortunately, OpTic Gaming’s head coach is not the only one battling with COVID. Shortly after his announcement, 100 Thieves unveiled that a number of players and coaching staff have tested positive for COVID-19.

The announcement was provided by Daniel “DDK” Kapadia, the general manager of 100 T’s Valorant, when he explained that a few members of the team tested for the virus earlier this week.

“Four of our players and both coaches got COVID four days ago. Everyone is recovering quickly. This is why we were absent from the press conference and some content,” said DDK.

Fortunately, all affected are reportedly recovering quickly, so it shouldn’t affect their upcoming matches in VALORANT Champions too much. And despite the setback, 100 Thieves remain confident that they can achieve their goals and compete for the coveted title.

It remains to be seen, however, when will 100 Thieves players be able to return to the venue and compete on LAN. Still, if the team makes it out of the group stage, it’s possible that we will see the 100 Thieves roster in full force comes the knockout stage later this month.

VALORANT Champions 2022 in Full Swing

The season-culminating VALORANT Champions 2022 has already entered its second day of action on Thursday, with Group B matches. On Wednesday, we got to see Paper Rex defeat EDward Gaming and Leviatan stunning Team Liquid in Group A, producing an interesting situation where one of EMEA’s top teams might not make it out of the groups.

The second day, however, was far less chaotic with LOUD sweeping ZETA DIVISION, while OpTic and BOOM Esports produced an exciting and closely fought affair, leaving Group B wide open.

The action will continue on Friday, September 2, with Group D matches, when DRX will clash with FURIA and Fnatic with 100 Thieves. The second bout will be one of the most exciting first-round matches as we’ll see one of Europe’s top teams take on 100 Thieves, whose situation following positive COVID tests remains uncertain.