OpTic Texas is Lone Undefeated Team Remaining

With Qualifiers well under way we keep you up to date with the Call of Duty League News and prepare you for this weekend’s matchups.

The Call of Duty League: Major IV online qualifiers started at the beginning of April and have been delivering fans some great Call of Duty action. With every team having played at least three matches already, OpTic Texas remains the only team that has yet to take a series loss. Meanwhile, the Toronto Ultra has gotten off to a disappointing start after having a great showing at Major III. 

There is a large group of teams that are all sitting at 2-1 each, looking to gain not only separation from the pack but also the teams that have sunk to the bottom. The Toronto Ultra, London Royal Ravens, Los Angeles Guerrillas, and Florida Mutineers have all found themselves starting to get left behind in the standings. They’ll have to show massive improvements if they don’t want to find themselves preseeded into the Elimination Bracket at the start of Major IV. 

Current Call of Duty League: Major IV Qualifiers Standings

OpTic Texas has gotten off to an absolutely dominant start having only dropped two maps so far in qualifiers. They started off the qualifiers with an absolute dismantling of the London Royal Raven, sweeping them 3-0, before taking down both the Los Angeles Thieves and the New York Subliners 3-1 in Week 2. Their match against Boston this week will be an interesting test for this team with seemingly endless potential. 

The Los Angeles Thieves also got off to a hot start. However, they’ve also had the easiest schedule so far of any of the teams at the tournament. They started their tournament with a 3-0 win over the London Royal Ravens and a 3-1 win over the Seattle Surge. In the second week, they found a 3-1 win over the Los Angeles Guerrillas before losing to Optic Texas 1-3. Even though they started out well, I’d be surprised if the Thieves are a Top 4 seed going into the Major.


  1. Optic Texas (3-0)
  2. Los Angeles Thieves (3-1)
  3. Minnesota ROKKR (2-1)
  4. Atlanta FaZe (2-1)
  5. Boston Breach (2-1)
  6. Las Vegas Legion (2-1)
  7. New York Subliners (2-1)
  8. Seattle Surge (2-1)
  9. Toronto Ultra (1-3) 
  10. London Royal Ravens (1-3)
  11. Los Angeles Guerrillas (0-3)
  12. Florida Mutineers (0-4)

Call of Duty League: Major IV Qualifiers Schedule and Odds

My match of the week is the weekend opener of Toronto Ultra vs Las Vegas Legion on Friday. It’ll be crucial for Toronto to bounce back from their tough start and take down a team ahead of them in the standings if they want to get seeded into the Winner’s Round at the Major. This could also be a statement win for a Las Vegas Team that has had a good start but still has a lot to prove. 

With teams playing on multiple days, you’ll want to check with your oddsmakers for up-to-date lines. You won’t want to miss any of the Call of Duty action this weekend. All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Friday, April 14th

Toronto Ultra (-425) vs Las Vegas Legion (+275) – 3 PM

Los Angeles Guerrillas (+500) vs Optic Texas (-1000) – 4:30 PM

Atlanta FaZe (-410)S vs Minnesota ROKKR (+265) – 6 PM

Saturday, April 15th

London Royal Ravens (+320) vs New York Subliners (-525) – 3 PM

Florida Mutineers (+140) vs Las Vegas Legion (-193) – 4:30 PM

Boston Breach (+190) vs Optic Texas (-275) – 6 PM

Seattle Surge (+172) vs Atlanta FaZe (-240) – 7:30 PM

Sunday, April 16th

Seattle Surge (-525) vs Los Angeles Guerrillas (+325) – 3 PM

Minnesota ROKKR (+240) vs Los Angeles Thieves (-350) – 4:30 PM

New York Subliners (-155) vs Boston Breach (+120) – 6 PM