ORDER Up For Sale, Enter Voluntary Administration

Australian esports organization ORDER and its entire Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster have been put up for sale, as the organization faces a period of uncertainty. The news was confirmed on Wednesday, August 17, when ORDER confirmed its entering voluntary administration.

Financial Issues

ORDER is the latest Australian esports organization facing financial problems, forcing it to enter voluntary administration. The news comes just a year after ORDER secured a $3.5 million investment, which seemingly hasn’t helped keep the organization afloat.

As reported, the Melbourne-based esports organization had nearly a dozen non-playing staff on books before the collapse and boasted around two dozen esports players across various titles. Notably, ORDER fielded teams in Valorant, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Unfortunately, due to the recent events, all teams will soon be orgless, leading three of Australia’s top esports teams into a period of uncertainty.

If ORDER collapses, they would join a long list of Australian esports organizations that folded over the last five years. Some of the most notable include Athletico, who shut down in 2020 after 14 years, Legacy Esports, who disbanded in 2021, Avant Gaming, who seized its operations in 2021 after ten years, as well as Vox Eminor in 2016, and Tainted Minds in 2017.

What’s Next For ORDER’s Teams?

It remains to be seen what will happen with ORDER’s current esports teams, but it is likely that all will be orgless and available for pick up by any other organization. The events, however, come at a very unfortunate time.

ORDER’s League of Legends team has had a solid run this season, finishing LCO 2022 Split 2 regular season in second place and are currently in the race for a ticket for LoL World Championship. ORDER already won their first series of LCO 2022 Split 2 Playoffs when they beat Pentanet.GG and are now set to face Chiefs Esports Club for a spot in the finals.

On the other side, ORDER have recently rebuilt its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster, signing the entire Renegades squad in July. With that, ORDER got its hands on the best Oceanic CS:GO team, setting itself up for success in the esports scene.

Moreover, ORDER’s CS:GO squad has recently signed Declan “Vexite” Portelli, who has joined the team this week to bolster the roster. But despite forming what seems to be one of the top CS:GO teams in the region, the squad will not represent ORDER’s brand.

A Promising CS:GO Squad Left Without A Home

ORDER’s current CS:GO roster has been a dominant force in the Oceanic region over the last two years. Winning numerous domestic titles and attending some of the biggest international events, including every Major since 2020.

Most recently, the former Renegades roster placed second in PGL Major Antwerp 2022: Asia-Pacific RMR and attended the PGL Major Antwerp. Thanks to their success, ORDER’s squad peaked at no.20 in the global CS:GO rankings in August 2021 and currently sit in 42nd place.

“The business is FOR SALE and not completely dead yet. Interested parties should contact the appointed administrators, said Chief Gaming Officer at ORDER, Chris “GoMeZ” Orfanellis.

“For me, it’s hit me pretty hard and sudden and not sure what my next move is. If ORDER does get purchased, that is a strong option for me to continue, but also open to something fresh. Open to all offers, Esports, TO’s, Brands both Domestically and Internationally.”

Although everything is still In the air, ORDER’s CS:GO squad is scheduled to participate in the upcoming IEM Road to Rio 2022 Oceania closed qualifiers, slated to kick off on August 27.

The event will welcome ORDER, Rooster, and the top two teams from the second open qualifiers, competing in a double-elimination format to determine which team will advance to Asia-Pacific RMR and compete for one of two tickets leading to the Major.