Overwatch: Dallas Fuel Signs Ki-hyo “Xzi” Hung Ahead of the 2021 Season

Dallas Fuel just geared up for the 2021 season by adding another roaster to its Overwatch team. Ki-hyo “Xzi” Hung is the latest Damage Per Second (DPS) player to join the Texas-based team. From the forgoing signings, the team is likely reconstituting the 2018/2019 Element Mystic roster that dominated the Overwatch Contenders Korea. Xzi took to his official Twitter account to break the news, hoping it will get the league’s approval. He proceeded to urge his fans to give him the same support they gave him on other teams.

It’s a big win for both Xzi AND Dallas Fuel as he’ll be playing alongside his longtime friends and teammates from his previous teams. Among the roasters who played with Xzi at both Paris Eternal and Element Mystic, and are now members of Dallas Fuels, include SP9RK1E and Hanbin. Roasters who played with Xzi at Element Mystic include Dong-ha Kim, popularly known as Doha, Jung-keun Kim, popularly known as Rapel, Eui-Seok Lee, popularly known as Fearless, and Seung-soo, popularly known as Jesce.

What Should We Expect From the New Dallas Fuel?

The 2020 season was Dallas Fuel’s third season in competitive Overwatch, steered by Aaron Atkins as the head coach, only to be released and replaced by Kim Yong-jin on August 3. This was a clear indication that Dallas wasn’t going to finish well as anticipated by many fans, which came to pass with a humiliating disqualification for the season’s playoffs. In fact, most analysts termed the September 4, 0-3 loss to the Washington Justice as a record. The discouraging performance is what culminated in the latest roaster changes.

The 2021 season will be a completely new scenario at Dallas Fuel thanks to the newly created team of eight, who share deep chemistry. Joon Kwon, popularly known as Fielder, is the only player with no previous interaction with the rest of the team. Nevertheless, they’ve still met occasionally in tournaments, and partly at Paris Eternal. Therefore, Overwatch fanatics should hold high interest and optimism that Dallas Fuel will improve their position at the scoreboard and qualify for the next season’s playoffs.

Dallas fuel’s offseason rebuild mission is definitely paying off. Other notable Overwatch teams like the Paris Eternal and Toronto Defiant are yet to make public any concrete information in new roaster signings or plans for the 2021 season.

Xzi’s Career and Journey in Overwatch

Xzi’s limelight in professional eSports started at Paris Eternal, at a time when the team was mainly signing European roasters. Therefore, Xzi’s pick to join the team became a surprise to many, who had anticipated him dominating the Asian region. However, he never featured on main playing positions until the middle of the season when SP9RK1E became of legal playing age. The two formed an unbeatable Damage Per Second (DPS) duo that would later lead Paris Eternal to a surprise tournament win at the Summer Showdown.

It was at that moment that the duo was promoted from a mid-table team to tier one position. Consequently, Paris Eternal managed to finish at position four in the 2020 season. Nevertheless, the pandemic struck and opened up opportunities for Xzi and his teammates to advance their professional careers. Xzi and his friends managed to score positions at the Dallas Fuel, which had just cleared almost all its last season’s team, including the coaches. Paris Eternal’s former head coach, Hee-won “RUSH” Yun, also joined Dallas Fuel.

Xzi’s Mouse Settings

If you play Overwatch, you might be interested in knowing how pro players tune their mice for elite tournaments. Xzi’s mouse settings include sensitivity of 4.95 and 38 percent zoom. The Mouse setup is 1000 CPI @ 1000 Hz, with curvature and circumference of 1960 MPI 1.286 deg/mm, and 11 in/revs 28 cm/rev, respectively. Now, will Xzi bring his Paris magic to Dallas? Well, everyone anticipates settling for nothing less than that.