Overwatch: Latest Update, Live Patch Notes, and Health Changes

Blizzard Entertainment released the latest Overwatch update and live patch notes on October 29. The update comprises mainly of health tweaks and ability modifications for specific heroes. The update focused on max health modification to fine-tune the powers of some heroes. Players can now make health adjustments in increments of 25HP down from the initial 50HP increments. If the update is run, players can now see how it reflects in other abilities too, such as cadence and ammo. The following are six iconic hero updates for the latest patch.

1. Baptiste

Baptiste will now demonstrate an improved healing ability, making him more of a must-pick hero for many players. For instance, the current recovery time is 0.38 seconds down from 0.45 seconds in primary fire, giving a quicker damage solution. Baptiste’s damage is reduced from 25 to 24. Other notable changes include increased healing, from 50 to 60 in secondary fire, and recovery of 0.9 seconds, up from 0.8. Therefore, if you’re looking for a winning damage team composition, including Baptiste sounds like a good option.

2. McCree

Who wouldn’t pick McCree as their number one cowboy? Well, McCree will now survive longer and go in a little bit harder in battles. After a little tweaking, McCree’s base health is now at 225, up from the initial 200. The Peacekeeper’s relaxed shooting rate had elicited reactions in many community forums. The latest patch addresses this issue by reducing McCree’s reload time from 1.5 seconds to 1.2 seconds. Therefore, you can now expect McCree’s revolver to shoot more hastily than before.

3. Mei

Mei’s reloading ability while in Cryo-Freeze has been unsatisfying in the previous updates. Mei wasn’t only slow but also spent more time out of ammo, making her a last-option hero for most players. In the latest update, Mei can now reload 15 ammo per second, giving her enhanced survival chances once out of the ice walls. It is also important to note that the Ice Walls’ initial cool down rate is improved to enhance Mei’s abilities.

4. Symmetra

Unlike other heroes, Symmetra will be going harder in combat equipment instead of health. Symmetra’s shields have been reinforced to 125, up from 100. Therefore, players can now rely on this hero to overcome weekly challenges in either competitive or quick play. Symmetra will continue to reign as the damage hero of Overwatch.

5. Brigitte

The developers were also generous to Brigitte and enhanced her health base to 175, up from the initial 150. Brigitte will now enjoy higher survival chances as she saves and heals as many allies as possible in battles. This update also means she’ll be throwing more repair parks to teammates, increasing their chances to emerge victors.

6. Windowmaker

Lastly, Windowmaker’s sniper duels will now be more intense thanks to the modified health base, up from 175 to 200. While she can now demonstrate improved diving skills, she still doesn’t make a vibrant team with Hanzo or Ashe, whose life bases are still 200. Such a team will likely lose a serious sniper battle.

All these changes and live patch notes are accessible on all Overwatch platforms. If you’ve always avoided the above heroes, it’s time to jump back and readjust your team.