Pandemics & The Future – An unprecedented opportunity for esports?

Last week we were invited back to speak at AffiliateCon, an annual conference focussed on insightful talks around affiliate marketing and digital strategy. With COVID-19 still keeping us on lockdown, the conference was held remotely and streamed directly to YouTube, watched by hundreds of marketers around the world.

This year we spoke about how esports has thrived during this international pandemic, and how traditional sports bettors are turning to esports to provide an outlet. With more and more bettors new to esports entering the scene we’ve been working closely with a number of sportbooks and seen that “gateway esports titles” have been excelling.

Titles such as FIFA, NBA2k and Rocket League have been flourishing as there is already an underlying understanding and wealth of transferrable knowledge for the bettor. Essentially, the closer a title reflects a traditional sport, the more approachable and popular it has been.

If you’re interested in seeing how betting traffic has been affected by COVID-19 and how I believe esports has shone throughout, then give the VoD a watch below. I discuss some interesting industry statistics around betting volume inflation, as well as speculate on how the scene will perform once the pandemic subsides.

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