Paris Legion Pursuing GRVTY And Jimbo

Call of Duty League franchise, Paris Legion, is reportedly looking to make changes to its CoD division.

Call of Duty League franchise, Paris Legion, is reportedly looking to make changes to its CoD division. As revealed, Legion is pursuing two new additions in Bryan “Jimbo” Sabman and Thomas “GRVTY” Malin, who are set to join in the coming days.

Poor Start To The Season

Paris Legion are reportedly looking to make roster changes to its CoD esports team. The news follows Legion’s disappointing start to the 2022 CDL season in a bid to find more traction ahead of the second Major.

Paris Legion kicked off the 2022 season with an underwhelming showing in the CDL Kickoff tournament, where they got knocked out in the first round. They lost to Los Angeles Thieves (1-3), who then went on to reach semi-finals.

Although not the start the Legion had hoped for, winning a map against the semi-finalists gave the French squad hope they could be competitive. But things did not go as planned.

Paris Legion entered the 2022 CDL season as one of the teams everyone expected would struggle. Still, the Legion got off to an awe-inspiring start.

In the season’s opening match, the Legion forced the reigning champions, Atlanta FaZe to a five-map series (2-3), suggesting that they might be one of the dark horses to make a splash. But, unfortunately, things turned sour soon after that.

Following a very inspiring display in the opening match of the 2022 season, Paris Legion lost their next four games against Florida Mutineers (1-3), Boston breach (1-3), OpTic Texas (0-3), and Los Angeles Thieves (1-3).

Failing to find any success beyond their close series against FaZe, Paris Legion finished the CDL Major 1 qualifiers as the worst-performing team in the league. They ended the qualifiers with a 0-5 record and a 25% map win rate (5-15).

Roster Changes Incoming

Due to the team’s disastrous start to the season, Paris Legion decided to act quickly ahead of the 2022 CDL Major 1. As revealed on Thursday, February 24, the Legion is looking to make roster changes, replacing two of the players with new arrivals.

Although not confirmed yet, the reports have unveiled that Legion will soon add Jimbo and GRVTY to its active lineup. The duo will supposedly replace Jacob “Decemate” Cato and Tyler “FeLo” Johnson, who have been struggling with their form.

Over the five games, FeLo and Decemate have been averaging 0.90 K/D and have not left much of an impact. Admittedly, their teammate in Johnathan “John” Perez has looked even worse (0.88 K/D), leaving Donovan “Temp” Laroda as the only member of the team with a positive K/D (1.05).

If the reports prove to be true, GRVTY is expected to be the main AR player in place of FeLo. Meanwhile, Jimbo will take over for Decemate as the leading SMG player.

GRVTY and Jimbo have been playing together for the last two months as a part of Team WaR in the Challengers League. The duo played alongside Paul “PaulEhx” Avila and Carlos “Venom” Hernandez, and have achieved reasonable success.

With Team WaR, they finished second in CDC North America 2022 Cup #5 and collected two top-five finishes at CDC North America 2022 Elite Stage 1 and the CDC North America 2022 Cup #6.

Most notably, GRVTY has been one of the best players in the Challengers league for the past two seasons. He won 13 Challengers events in Modern Warfare and Cold War, five of Modern Warfare titles he claimed alongside Jimbo as a part of Atlanta FaZe Academy.

New Roster Debut

Paris Legion is expected to debut its new CoD esports roster in the first round of the 2022 CDL Major 1. As the lower-seeded team, Paris Legion will begin their quest for the Major 1 title in the lower bracket, where they’ll face off against the loser of the Seattle Surge vs Texas OpTic bout.

The 2022 CDL Major 1 will begin on March 3, with the opening upper bracket matches. Paris Legion, meanwhile, are scheduled to play their first match on Saturday, March 5, when we might see the debut of the two rookies.

It is currently unclear what will happen with FeLo and Decemete, whether they will get benched or released from the team.