Playoffs Race Heating Up in VCT: Americas League

With the VCT: Americas League preparing for its sixth week, many teams are within a game of eachother in a highly competitive race for playoffs qualification.

The Valorant Champions Tour: Americas League is preparing for its sixth week of action. With only one match separating 4th and 9th place, the race for the playoffs is heating up, as only the top six teams will qualify for playoffs at the end of the year. 

At this point, anyone could qualify, and every map is going to count as playoff spots could easily be determined by tiebreakers at this point. You can catch all the action on both YouTube and Twitch and with how close the standings are, you won’t want to miss a single map. 

Current Valorant Champions Tour: Americas Standings

LOUD has yet to lose a match having the lone perfect 6-0 record in the VCT: America region. The Brazilian team is coming off of a close 2-1 win over KRU Esports in which every map was close. This is no rarity either, as LOUD has gone all three maps in five of their matches. They’ve shown the ability to consistently pull matches out of the fire though some must wonder if their inability to sweep matches will come to hurt them in playoffs. 

One team that looks like they could threaten LOUD’s prospects of claiming the championship is Cloud9. Though LOUD won in their meeting back in Week 2, Cloud9 has been on an absolute tear ever since in an attempt to catch up to them in the standings. Cloud9 beat 100 Thieves 2-0 last week despite the second map going into overtime. Though they may enter the playoffs as the 2nd seed, they may be the favorites to win the tournament.

FURIA Esports beat MIBR last week 2-0 in a match that gave FURIA Esports a firm grasp on 3rd place in the standings. They’ve had a season full of ups and downs but have the ability to get some momentum going if they can find a win against NRG this upcoming week. This team has a high ceiling, but the question is if they’ll peak in playoffs when they need to. 

Leviatan Esports, NRG, and 100 Thieves are all currently in playoffs position but are going to play well through the last three weeks of the season if they want to keep their spots. All three teams are sitting with 3-3 records, a game away from watching the postseason at home. 

Meanwhile, Sentinels, Evil Geniuses, and MIBR are all looking to close out the season strong in hopes of snatching a playoff spot from any of the teams who end up slipping in the last three weeks. While we don’t know yet who will be competing in playoffs, we do know that these last three weeks are going to be filled with some high-stakes matches.


  1. LOUD (6-0)
  2. Cloud9 (5-1)
  3. FURIA Esports (4-2)
  4. Leviatan Esports (3-3)
  5. NRG (3-3)
  6. 100 Thieves (3-3)
  7. Sentinels (2-4)
  8. Evil Geniuses (2-4)
  9. MIBR (2-4)
  10. KRU Esports (0-6)

Valorant Champions Tour: Americas Schedule

While every match is incredibly important and deserves watching with the current state of the league, my match of the week is Evil Geniuses vs Sentinels. One of these teams is going to be elevated to three wins which really keeps them in the playoffs conversation. While losing doesn’t eliminate either team, it adds a lot of extra ground to cover. 

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Saturday, May 6th

Evil Geniuses vs Sentinels – 3 PM

Cloud9 vs MIRB – 6 PM

Sunday, May 7th 

LOUD vs 100 Thieves – 3 PM

Leviatan Esports vs KRU Esports – 6 PM

Monday, May 8th

NRG vs FURIA Esports – 3 PM