Plenty of League of Legends Action to Check Out

It has already been a busy start to 2024 in the world of esports, and that is a trend that is going to continue over the next few months as well. League of Legends is a game that is enjoyed by players all over the world, and there will be some major action taking place this week.

League of Legends is now played at a professional level, and those leagues are set up much like other professional sports. Teams are competing for a regular season title, but there are also some mini tournaments that take place throughout the year. 

Here is a look at some of the events that you can bet on taking place this week when it comes to Spring Splits across the world. 

LCS Spring Split Playoffs 

The League Championship Series (LCS) features the top teams from North America, and those teams are now battling it out in the Spring Split. There has been some terrific action over the last few weeks, but it’s now time for the biggest matchups of them all.

The LCS Spring Split Playoffs are set to begin this weekend, and there will be six teams that are trying to come away with the title. Finishing in at least second place is going to be the first goal as those two teams will advance to the Mid-Season Invitational.

The second place team will have a ton of work to do once they get to the Mid-Season Invitational though as they will have to play their way through the bottom part of the bracket. Here is a look at some of the matches that will be included this week.

100Thieves will be taking on Cloud9 in one of the matchups, and the losing team will go to the lower bracket to face NRG. Dignitas is awaiting the loser of FlyQuest and Liquid, and that is going to be a great matchup. 

All six of these teams are extremely competitive, and that should lead to some great action in the LCS Playoffs. While there are some other events taking place, there will be plenty of focus on these battles. 

LEC Spring Split

The LEC Spring Split is just getting ready to get going, and there will be a spot in the Mid-Season Invitational up for grabs. G2 Esports has already claimed one of the spots from this region as that team was able to win the Winter Split. 

There will be 10 teams battling it out in this event, and there will be plenty of drama and excitement that takes place. Fnatic and Team Vitality have both joined G2 Esports with a 2-0 record to begin the action, and that has put a big target on their backs. 

Teams still have a chance to bounce back and turn things around, but some of the bottom teams are now facing a virtual must-win situation unless they want to be knocked out. 

Top Korean Teams Competing

The top LoL teams from Korea are also competing this week at the LCK Spring Split, and this is another event to check out. There have been some great teams that have come from this part of the world, and that should be the case again this weekend. 

Things are actually starting to wrap up at the LCK Spring Split as the action has been going on for a couple of weeks. Gen.G is currently sitting on top of the standings, but T1 is right behind them as well. 

Every team is trying to get one of the spots to the Mid-Season Invitational, and that team should end up having a chance to have some success at that event.