PSG Esports Unveils an Online Training Academy

The Parisian club was among the first pioneer football clubs to throw themselves in eSports in 2016. The Rouge et Bleu club is currently beefing up its presence in Esports by launching two new programs: A physical and a 100% digital space.

Since they joined esports, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) have always aimed to transpose the philosophy and values shown in the dressing rooms and the fields. They have always portrayed their best during performances, education, training, addressing other players and are still committed to the heart of their club project.

PSG Academy Esports Launches

Since December 10, people could access the new PSG Academy Esports online and reserve private lessons. The online training program allows esports players and gamers to receive face-to-face training in Brawl Stars or FIFA 21. The players can choose their trainers from the 20 different coaches. The program is labeled ‘Paris Saint Germain Academy Esports.’ For players and gamers to be trained in the Academy, they have to follow a training methodology as listed by PSG.

Also, players who will be trained will be evaluated using different criteria like their sharing skills, pedagogical abilities and their technical skills. Even if the launch will limit the training to only Brawl Stars and FIFA 21, PSG is looking forward to adding Dota 2 and League of Legends services in the coming future. The training is available in both French and English 24 hours a day. The training sessions will last for 1-2 hours and are broken into five segments: Making briefs, explanations, demonstrations, role-play and evaluating.

The training method that coaches use ensures players get a permanent correction of what they are doing in the game so that they can find out solutions to the problems on their own. Gamers and players correct the weak points identified by the coaches through role-playing and exchanging ideas. On their webpage, the PSG Academy Esports state, ‘Our coaching technique relies on an everlasting correction of what you do within the recreation with the intention to discover the options to the issues you encounter yourself

The Academy was developed by partnering with GamerCoach, which targets players in all levels and specializes in coaching video games. The Academy is based on accompanying amateur players during gaming and training them. The coaching platform will make it easy for video game fans to book private lessons with some of Esports’ professional players.

Professional players who will interact with trainees have followed the Academy’s training program. As a coach in the PSG Esports Academy, you should ensure the players you coach improve their playing skills by training them to adapt to all the game situations they come across. One of the Academy’s main objectives is to prove to young gamers that there is a responsible and ethical way of playing video games.

Since PSG is experienced in Esports, it is in a strong position to train future gamers to recruit future stars. All the coaches have been trained to promote good behavior by controlling the time trainees spend playing and setting limits to have a chance of progressing. PSG Esports Academy charges €20 for a training hour.