Puntt launches with focus on unique player betting

Launching this month, esports betting platform Puntt aims to provide the first esports player performance betting.

Rather that solely focussing on team outcomes of matches, Puntt will enable punters to be the first to bet on an individual player’s performance, the most kills and other in-match markets; which can generally be difficult to price is their bread and butter. Esports player betting is not currently offered by any other esports bookmakers in the world right now, licensed or otherwise, so we’re excited to see the uptake from the betting community.

Built on a proprietary statistical model driven by Artificial Intelligence, the platform will generate prices against esports players in totally new market. With support for CS:GO being prioritised for launch over other titles, we’ll expect to see a range of stats being drawn from live games. In a recent release, we’re teased to believe that other popular titles, like Dota 2, are just around the corner.

Preparing for their February launch, Phill Adams, CEO at Puntt, said:

“Puntt’s player betting offering is unique in the esports betting industry. These are tricky markets to price and can leave operators with large liabilities in a market where the customer is often better informed. Our solution give customers an exciting and fair product.”

The platform is launching with a UK gambling license, bringing with it the weight and security that bettors can rely on. It is likely to launch with open arms to UK customers, as well as limited EU countries, from day one and see more pins in the map as the year goes on.

Puntt are currently looking at both a B2C and B2B offering, in launching their own platform whilst also touting their data to other, more established esports betting operators. At this crucial point in their platform’s infancy, it appears that the business is still undecided in their approach. We’re sure there will be some early bonuses to entice new users coming in, so make sure to take advantage of those, but err on the side of caution as to its longevity.

2020 has been a good start to the London esports scene, with the recent news of London-based esports betting startup Midnite announcing a $2.4 million investment supported by Betfair and GVC Holdings executives.