Random Collection of eSports News

It was a great weekend of esports action as there were a number of big tournaments that wrapped up. The month of May was a big one in the world of esports, and there will be a bit of a break before bigger events are held again. 

That doesn’t mean that things take a break in the world of esports as there always seems to be some big news coming through the wire. Here is a look at three big esports news stories that are out there, but none of them appear to be connected. 

SOOP Lands Big Partners

SOOP is a live streaming platform that will feature esports events has been working hard to land big partners before the launch. This new live streaming service will launch on June 5th, and it should be quick to land viewers based on who it has working for them. 

League of Legends hero Faker is one of the partners of this new live streaming service, and esports organization DRX has also joined in. Both Faker and DRX are going to provide content when the new live stream releases, and those are some massive names in the esports world. 

This company is also going to cater to the top esports fans from around the world as the content will be available in three different languages. Fans can view the English, Chinese, or Thai streams and that will get even more people involved. 

Not only has SOOP been able to partner with top players and organizations, but it has also reached an agreement with RIOT Games. That partnership will allow the new live stream to produce unique content for the upcoming VALORANT Challengers Thailand. 

There are a number of great live streaming services available in the esports world, but SOOP will aim to become a much different option in the space. 

BLAST Looking for Hosts

BLAST is one of the top esports tournament organizers, and it is currently looking for cities that want to host big events over the next two years. There will be more than a dozen tournaments in 2025 and 2026 combined, and cities can submit bids to host one of those tournaments. 

There are some big titles that operate under the BLAST name and those include Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Fortnite, Rainbow Six, and Rocket League. BLAST has been committed to hosting events throughout the world, but it’s all about the cities that submit a bid. 

Not only will this organization look to strengthen current partnerships, but it’s looking for new cities that want to get into the mix. BLAST has noted that their tournaments have been terrific at creating revenue for cities that host these events. 

There were just 10 live events scheduled by BLAST in 2024, but the company is always looking to expand into more tournaments. Most of these events have taken place outside of the United States, but the big cities in the U.S. are encouraged to submit a bid. 

A Counter-Strike Partnership Ends

Most of the recent esports news has been focused on new partnerships developing in this industry, but that isn’t always the case. A Counter-Strike partnership has ended, and the hope is that it’s not a sign of things to come. 

Guild Esports and Bad News Eagles have announced that they have mutually decided to end their partnership. This could end up having a big impact on the Counter-Strike world as all of the players from the Guild Eagles are now free agents. 

This team was formed back in November 2023, and the partnership has ended after it was an unsuccessful run, especially in international competition.